Photo courtesy of SquawkFox

My daughter Maddie is holding her very first contest at SUNFLOWERSTRIPES.

Hit it, Mads:

I am going to be having a contest where you can try to win by,sending me photos of

1. your pets
2. animals
3. or
4. plants

then people can come and say who’s picture they like the best ,by putting coments on the website.Who ever wins gets a braclet made by me.:)

Maddie is very excited about this contest and is hoping for a good turnout. I would really appreciate your participation. I helped her post the first 2 entries (of hopefully many) last night and she’s eager for more. AND to sweeten the pot, I will provide a prize to the winner as well.

To enter, please send your photo to madison at ellingsworth dot org. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “FREE PHOTO CONTEST – Enter to Win!

  1. Michelle, many thanks for your pic. And don’t worry – you didn’t miss the contest. Maddie hasn’t posted any deadline (she is 8 after all), and when I said “The polls are still closed” I meant that voting had not yet begun.

    Connie, hope you will enter as well. Your photos are always so full of life!

    For the record, Maddie has rec’d 4 more submissions since yesterday. Many thanks to Michelle, Tracie & Suzanne! EVERYONE ELSE: Send in those photos!! {Pretty please with a bracelet and secret extra prize on top}



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