I ❤️ Technology

Dear Diary,

Today I am writing to you on my iPhone, and instead of complaining about the tediousness of typing thoughts with two fingers (technically one finger and a thumb), I will instead marvel at the wonders of technology. How amazing is a smart phone?? I mean, I can watch The Walking Dead, post on my blog, take photos, talk — via text, voice, or video to people anywhere in the world, and even look up ways to get rid of cat pee smell. And it fits IN MY HAND. I am so very grateful to live in this cyber age.

Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day planning, and then booking, the first leg of my road trip down to Hotlanta. I managed all of it, right down to estimating the cost of fuel, in the time it would have taken dinosaur Dishy to decide which travel agency to visit. Anything I needed to look up, be it hotels, maps, things to do in various cities – WHOOMP! There it is. So, I ask you. HOW ARE TRAVEL AGENCIES STILL IN BUSINESS??? Compared to hotels.com, Expedia, and Travelocity, all of which are FREE, travel agencies seem like the coal chutes of the modern age. Quaint and unnecessary. Who uses them anymore?? Apart from the rich, the time-strapped, and/or the elderly. QUESTIONS.

Perplexedly yours,


PS: I am already getting stoked to blog my road trip via my iPhone. Let’s hope the hotels have some decent wifi. Oooooh yeah.

PPS: HUGE thanks to the amazing folks who have reached out to me in support of this trip, buying cookbooks, sending money, and to my Mom- even booking me a night at the BORGATA. XO!!

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  1. I’d you want to know WHERE all the car urine is, get yourself a black light, close the door (at night) and turn on the black light.

    CAUTION: you may feel icky afterwards.


    1. Hahah – YES. We don’t have an issue with it now (Thank GOD) but back in Philly there were an army of stray cats that used to live on the front porches on our block. It was VERY helpful info then!

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