The Mother of Invention

It’s snowing outside as I type. Big, fluffy flakes descending rapidly from the sky. This morning it’s cold, cold enough for the snow to stick to the ground, leaving tracks as I make my way from backdoor to chicken coop. We’re a week shy of the official start of winter, but it’s frigid enough I have to bring the chickens’ waterer in each night or it freezes solid. Sometimes, I forget. Which is why our chicken waterer is now cracked.

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Happy 2021!

Good morning! And welcome to a brand new year! It’s sunny here in Portland, Maine, a good omen of hopefully great things to come.

I know lots of people are professing their new year’s resolutions this morning. And I am too. Here, publicly, because I don’t know if I can otherwise fully commit to what I intend to do.

Unlike years past, when I had the luxury of slipping lazily back into regular life and forgetting resolutions, my life isn’t regular anymore. As I explained in my last post, my dad has Alzheimer’s. We live 1200 miles apart and with COVID raging between us, finding a way to bridge that distance is challenging. Rather than wait around for my dad to forget me forever, I’ve decided to do whatever it takes to make myself more memorable. And what better way than by entertaining him daily? So I created my own YouTube Channel, dedicated to my folks.

This is my project for 2021– to read, record, and share the stories I’ve written over the years. If it brings my parents joy and laughter and helps my dad remember me longer, it will be time very well spent. Feel free to follow along!