My kids are in school and instead of rejoicing I am feeling abandoned.

That’s right, folks. I was wrong. So, so wrong. When I said earlier in the summer that I was going to be driven insane by my children before the summer was out. I was RIGHT. But I was totally wrong when I said I was reeeeeaaaalllly looking forward to them going back to school. B/c I really am not. The school year has begun and my joie de vivre has up and left. I should be thrilled that my youngest has finally been peeled from my side. But I am not.  B/c she could be here w/ me. telling me how great I am four times an hour and insisting that we make concoctions out of stuff we find in the kitchen. My older daughter is now at school. Learning how to write in cursive. Hanging out w/ her best buds and telling them funny stories.  As I sit here, being pecked half to death by my bird WHO HAS NEVER BEEN HAPPIER IN HER LIFE, I feel strangely alone.