Dear friends & loyal readers,

I’ve spent today painting, and while I am painting my mind has a tendency to wander.  I think about all sorts of things.  What I can make for dinner that will not lead my children to complain.  Whether the *YOU KNOW WHAT* I am getting *YOU KNOW WHO* for Christmas will arrive in time.  Whether that one freak hair on my upper lip has grown so long it needs plucking.  Not my very deepest thoughts, but the tedium does inspire in its own way.  And so this morning it occurred to me, that although you know about my moving from Philly to Portland, and about my buying a house a couple months ago, I have disclosed very little – if anything – about the house I now call home.  This thought was so striking to me I actually stopped what I was doing and sat there pondering for a moment.  How ironic, I thought to myself.  Especially in light of the fact that this house is so all-consuming I do very little else other than tend to it.  Especially in light of the fact that I was PAINTING THE WOODWORK of said house at that exact moment.  Something I have been doing for the past – oh, six weeks.

I have therefore decided to do a few things.  First, I am going to start talking about my house and the work my husband & I are doing to restore it.  I am going to start documenting projects, in hope of assisting other people interested in the same things.  And I am going to re-energize myself, my writing and this blog by trying to post something every day.  This is The Daily Dish, after all.  Whether I can accomplish all this in an entertaining manner remains to be seen.  But I vow to try my best.