Gettin wired.

In September I posted about some wiring issues we’d been having here at our palatial West Philly estate. Well, today, our electrician returns. He and his team of experts will be completely rewiring our basement, as well as installing MODERN! (read: grounded with actual 3-prong fitted) outlets on our first floor. After we recover from the shock of how much this is costing us, we may have him re-do our 2nd and 3rd floors as well. But right now I am not thinking that far. I am excited about this new wiring though. Can you imagine being able to plug your microwave into the wall without having to use a 20 foot extension cord with adaptors?!! Now THAT’S fancy living! Also, I can stop worrying about going up in flames in the middle of the night, or losing everything while away on vacation in some faulty-wiring sparked inferno. So that’s good. But as we’re not made o’ money, my husband and I have been throwing around some ideas as to how to pay for these upgrades. One of these is a new magazine we feel would sell quite well, if we had the money to start it up. See, we subscribe to This Old House magazine, and it is a fine magazine. Lovely color photos. Beautiful rehab jobs. Love those articles! Like KITCHEN REMODELS: for $10,000, $20,000, and $40,000. Unfortunately, in our universe we do not have even $10,000 for the low-end kitchen remodel. We are living on Planet REALITY for Poor People. So, my husband and I would like to create a magazine that speaks more to our sort. We would call it This Old POOR House Magazine. And gear it to those who live in vintage dwellings, who like classy looks but don’t have the money to pay for them. We could have articles on all sorts of things. Like, KITCHEN REHAB $3000 and under. How to get rid of mice and How to get rid of mice TOO in the BE YOUR OWN EXTERMINATOR! series. And so on. Let me know what you think.

I am also happy today because I should be getting my BRAND NEW tote bag of goodies from Stonyfield Farm yogurt soon! YAY! I like yogurt. I wonder if they will be sending me some? Maybe I wouldn’t want to eat mailed yogurt, but I still would be proud to get it. To be honest, I didn’t even know they’d entered me into the contest, but boy was I happy to get the email yesterday alerting me that I’d won. I think I’ve been up on the website for months now and didn’t even know. WOW. See what you miss when you don’t spend enough time online?! I did send them a photo – one in which I am smiling and even looking at the camera. I am looking forward to see my face looking back at me from their website. That will be very cool. I hope it makes people want to eat my recipe.