Home Ec Goes High Tech

A week ago my younger daughter brought home a permission slip from school.  Her Family and Consumer Science class (FACS), the modern-day equivalent of Home Ec, was offering a take-home activity for interested students.  The chance to have a baby!  Not a real one, of course, this would be pretend.  But unlike the flour sacks or eggs of yore, these kids would be getting something better.  A 21st century SIM BABY!

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New life.

Well my good friend had her baby yesterday, and I am very pleased to announce it is a BOY. Which is what I picked in the baby pool (NOT the laboring pool, but the gambling set-up where we each placed a $5 wager on date/weight/gender). I guessed he wouldn’t be born till Sunday, so I probably didn’t win the prize, which stinks b/c it is a really nice bottle of WINE. Plus I guessed he would weigh 6 lbs. 8 oz. and he was really 8 lbs. 10 oz. So I was just a little bit off on that too. Oh well.

I did not actually go over and get into the laboring pool with my friend – though of course I would have liked to. I have always dreamed of having my own indoor swimming pool. And my younger daughter was of course very interested in the prospect. But when I talked to her husband on the phone and heard her moaning something awful in the background, I thought hopping over in my swimsuit and squeezing in beside her might be slightly uncomfortable. Especially with my daughter in her swim fins. and blow-up Hershey Bar floaty.

I was however EXTREMELY EXCITED to hear that she did ultimately give birth on my beloved former couch. YAY!! Now I will have an even greater special place in my heart for that beautiful sofa forever and ever. What a magical place to sit NOW, huh? What a great couch. WOW.

So last night I went by to see my friend and meet her beautiful new baby BOY, and I have to tell you, he is just the cutest little creature I have seen. And because he was over 8 1/2 lbs, he is so snuggly and chubby and adorable. My daughters were both like 7 lbs. and let me tell you – that makes for easier pushing but those skinny babies look like old men. Those fat turkey-sized babies are ADORABLE> all plumped out and full and just sooooo squeezable. I am so incredibly happy & excited for them!! And I am getting SOOOO excited to hold that freshly minted baby and coo and make little cutesie faces at him. Babies just LOVE that kind of stuff. Almost as much as boobies.

But last night he was not paying too much attention to too much, other than momma. He seemed a little disoriented, and I think we can all appreciate THAT. Remember how you felt right after being born? Yeah, me too. But soon, I will be able to hold him and then he will know me, and I will be able to live vicariously through my friend – having a SON – AND Then when he starts bawling, I will give him a quick kiss & hand him right back over to his momma. B/c THAT is the great thing about your friend having a baby versus you having a baby. YAY!

WELL I just wanted to give a shout-out to the world welcoming this new little life to the planet. And an even bigger shout-out to my friends. CONGRATULATIONS, J, D & U!!  IT’S SO WONDERFUL!!!!  YAY!!!!!

AND OF COURSE Welcome Baby S.L.S.!! I love you already.