Good morning everyone! WHY YES< I WILL BE SHOWERING SOON. Thank you for noticing. But first. Today I have been asked to write a VERRRRRRY special email by my older daughter. You see, Maddie has (after mucho begging) been allowed to start her VERY OWN BLOG. This was suggested some time ago by none other than my good pal Curly, who claimed to be running out of decent venues to visit. Unfortunately I made the mistake of mentioning this idea to Mads, who has taken the idea and run away w/ it. AND SO much like the tick which tried burrowing its way into my tum-tum, Maddie’s got bit by the blog bug BAAAD, and has been harassing me at every turn since. Mommy when can I have my own blog. Mommy I want to use your camera. mommy help me put this up. And on and on and ONNNnnnnnnn.

So w/out further ado, WORLD. Meet Maddie.

SunflowerStripes is her new handle. I urged her to explain her choice of name, but she stated flatly NO WAY. I don’t want EVERRRRYONE knowing my game! And so, I will leave it at that. Please visit Maddie and welcome her to the blogosphere. I Promised her some serious stats. SO FOR HER SAKE, PLEASE GO OVER AND SAY HI. Otherwise, she will be bugging me to help her do more photos and more elaborate posts, and frankly, I am not even keeping up w/ my own blog, let alone hers.

Thanks in advance!