How It’s Made.

So how was your weekend..?  Oh. Me… nothing much.  Seeing as I’ve been housebound since Friday with an insidiously insane hacking feverish flu, well. You can just imagine what my weekend was like.  Staring at the walls.. while my beloved family flitted out for a movie, fun with friends and OH YES a birthday party too.  While I sat in bed eating an entire chocolate cake.  It was SAD.  Fortunately, in my hours of whiling away time on the internet, I discovered the BEST THING EVER! and I am not joking.  If you, like me, enjoyed those segments of Mr. Rogers where the postman would bring videos of factory tours, then you, like me, will be AMAZED.  B/c on youtube I discovered the BEST SHOW EVERRR next to Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe, and it is called HOW IT’S MADE.  Discovery Channel is simply the best channel in the history of the world. And I found there is a British version of this show as well.  Which probably came first, since we yanks have a tendency to steal all the very best Brit TV and make it our own. While never making it quite as well. ANYWAY. I learned How they make Ice Lollys (popsicle ice cream bars) and jelly beans and jelly (gummi) worms.  How pre-cooked bacon is manufactured, and how factory chicks are produced (cruelly).  How commercial cheesecakes are mass-produced (one of the best EVERR), and how to re-tread truck tires (awesome). How padlocks and condoms and HOT DOGS are made.  Oh My Goodnessss.  I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!  It’s a good thing we don’t have cable. or I’d never leave the house.

HERE is the show on how they make Pasta. It is worth 6 1/2 minutes.

Now. Having watched this, how do YOU pronounce the word PASTA??

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