Dirty work.

Just a quick post b/c I have tons to do for Thanksgiving, but last night we watched the FUNNIEST DVD. It’s a show from the Discovery channel called Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe – you’ve probably all seen it a million times, but as we’re cable-less we haven’t exactly been keeping up.

All I can say is if you’re like us and haven’t watched it – GO RENT IT TODAY. The show is crazy and incredibly entertaining. The premise is this semi-cynical every-guy Mike goes around the world living a variety of nasty jobs-for-a-day, most with some sort of poop angle (he seems to either be standing in it, cleaning it up, or regaling us with how bad it stinks). So there’s definitely a huge gross-out factor, but it’s also really educational. We watched Mike & crew tackle a bunch of psycho monkeys in South Africa, work a pig farm (even artificially inseminating a sow), shovel pigeon poo off roofs in NYC, wrangle ostriches, and more. And we still have sewer inspector, chum chopper, and necropsy technician – not to mention casino food recycler – to see! YAY!!!

It really makes you appreciate the people who do these extremely vile, yet totally necessary jobs upon which so many of us depend.. So in honor of tomorrow’s big DAY o’ THANKS, I just want to give a shout out to all the garbage collectors, janitors, bathroom attendants, proctologists, and more who make this world a far better and cleaner place for us all. Here’s to you!

PS: I do NOT recommend watching this show before or after Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you.