The Bones of the Business (Alphabitch, Day 8)

When I showed up to my interview last October, my boss was seated in the window of a coffee shop wearing Bean boots and a sweater emblazoned with a black lab.  She couldn’t have looked more MAINE if she tried.  We talked for an hour; she told me about the job and I told her about myself, and by the end of the interview I knew I wanted to work for her.

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Fossegrim…? (Alphabitch, Day 6)

Today is Tuesday.  YES!  Of course.  It’s also Election Day, and I’m hoping to head to the polls tonight with my husband and daughter (don’t worry, I will).  I’ve already received two texts from the current mayor asking what time I’m going and urging me not to forget (I won’t).  I checked the hours and I’ve got till 8PM (please stop texting).  SO I’D BETTER WRITE QUICK.

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