What I found when I ripped down my wall.

I’d planned on discussing more chimney stuff today, but I got too involved w/ work, it’s now 8pm and time for wine.  So I’ll just show you what I found in the wall.

BACKGROUND: A major reason John & I were able to buy this house is b/c two rooms on the first floor need to be restored.  One room is more complete than the other, but basically both need floors. and either partial or full reconstruction of the walls.  We have sketched out a plan for the first of these two rooms – which just happens to be the one needing more work.  Of course.  I spent the bulk of today working on Room #1.  This will be our dining room, once it’s restored.

dining room - BEFORE

The former owner began the process many years ago, by framing the wall and installing plasterboard.  Unfortunately this plasterboard is now in pretty bad shape, with holes in several spots.  First up: Removing this old plasterboard in preparation for new drywall.

dining room - removing plasterboard

Here I am – halfway done.  You can see the old insulation (love the vintage labels)

old insulation

and the original brickwork of the chimney behind the support beams.

chimney brickwork

All routine until the very last piece of plasterboard.  When I pulled off a chunk, there was some debris on the sill.

crap behind wall

A fragment of wood, spiderwebs, a bunch of dusty looking lint, and then I noticed a nasty bit which looked a lot like..

ancient rodent

rodent skull

a rodent skull – complete w/ desiccated maggots & disembodied limbs.

rodent foot

rodent leg

So that was my day – how was yours??

PS: GOOOOOO PHILLLSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!