Finding the perfect jeans.

SO.  There I was, minding my own business, walking home w/ my family.  We’re strolling down Baltimore Ave, as we are wont to do, when I spy a box on the edge of the sidewalk.  FREE STUFF.  As I never miss a bargain let alone a freebie, I mosey over and take a peek.  The box was small w/ just a few t-shirts sticking out the side, but right there on top was a pair of jeans.  Hmm.  They looked good.  New even.  Ignoring my husband who told me I was going to get fleas – or WORSE – I snatched them right up.  While John stood watching and yelling at Maddie to PUT DOWN THAT T-SHIRT, I unfurled the jeans.  WOW.  Abercrombie & Fitch low rise flares. Sweeeeet.  And not only were they new, but they were NEW! AND also just happened to be my size.  My EXACT Size.  SHA-ZAM!!!  At 5-10 I have a tough time finding pants long enough when I’m actually shopping and paying real money for them – but to find a perfect pair of $80 jeans just sitting there for the taking….??!   I TOLD YOU I WAS LUCKY.

As soon as we got home I shot to the bathroom to try them on.  I couldn’t BELIEVE IT.  Even after I zippered them up and took a gander in the mirror.  I marveled at my good fortune.  Finding the perfect jeans.  Literally.  What are the chances??  And yet, If I’d followed my husband’s warning about CONTRACTING A COMMUNICABLE DISEASE these plums would’ve passed me by.  If I gave a crap what other people thought of me as I trash picked, I would have missed a GRAND OPPORTUNITY.  Not to wax too philosophical on the point, BUT

Life is what you make it.  DON’T LOSE OUT.