True Blondes vs. Bleached Brunettes.

Who’s gonna win in the knock down/drag out/fight to the death of the century?? Who knows, but as one of the (apparently supremely) rare natural breed, you can guess who I’m rooting for (pun intended, ladies). Click the link to read the follow-up comments; they’re as good as the article. This one’s my absolute favorite:

As noted in the article only three percent of women in Britain are Blonde. The women who make up the one third of women who appear to be Blonde and are not Blonde are actually Brunettes that have been bleached and then assumed the name Blonde.

Marilyn Monroe, Suzanne Somers and Goldie Hawn are all Bleached Brunettes using the name Blonde as are Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Madonna. The list is endless and includes 70% of prostitutes in the USA.

I am a Blonde and I don’t want to be associated with Bleached Brunettes but I am in a forced association with them because they use my name to hide behind.

Let’s just get over it and call them Bleached Brunettes. This will lessen the impact of their contagious stupidity because the name Bleached Brunette is a bad name and that will limit who wants to be associated with that name.

Carol E. Cox, Burnaby, Canada

Ms. Cox, may I admire you?

From The Sunday Times
You silly boys: blondes make men act dumb