Back to normal.

Thanks to that post about creative, thoughtful & CHEAP Valentine’s ideas I wrote weeks ago, my blog stats have shot through the roof. I went from an average of several dozen hits a day to over 200 – or more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Novelty is a good thing, and it’s enjoyable being flavor of the month while it lasts. It was fun knowing so many new people were reading my blog, enjoying it, getting ideas of their own and generally admiring me in my infinite generosity. But I have to say, now that the holiday’s over, I find myself feeling slightly relieved. Like life’s getting back to normal. My blog is once again my own. I do find it strange that people are STILL googling “Valentine’s Ideas.” Since I thought Valentine’s Day was over. Like 5 days ago. But perhaps they are trying to find me still. The Daily Dish.

ANYWAY, now that the stats have returned to normal, I’m taking the time to thank you, my loyal readers, for your steadfast devotion to yours truly. The V-Day revelers have (mostly) fallen by the wayside, and it’s just US. You & me. Amigos. Compadres. Like when the relatives leave after Christmas. FINALLY you can get back to doing whatever it is you like to do best. No more having to smile all the time, watch your tongue and hold in your gut. Go ahead – scratch that itch w/out fear of reprisal. And who the heck likes backhanded compliments and none-too-subtle criticisms of your parenting style and binge drinking? Not ME! that’s for sure. Ahhh, back to comfy living and letting it ALL hang out. Eating on the couch, watching the tube, passing gas in public. NOT that I don’t excuse myself, B/c of course I do! But when you’re back to normal, so to speak, you just don’t feel constrained. We’re FAMILY after all, in the best sense. I know you already love me just for being *ME*. There’s no need to impress.

AHhhhhhhhhh. Feels so good to let it all out finally. I can just sit here in front of the computer, belt undone, pants unzipped, flab running rampant. WHAT! NO, I am NOT doing THAT! Some people’s minds…. You know, you’re lucky we’re family because otherwise I might get mad. But I just can’t! You’re so cute, you big lug! C’mere, let me plant one on ya!!! SMMMMMMMMMWACK! Gotcha!!!!