A while back, my dear pal Curly decided to do something called a *Pay It Forward*. Now, I had never heard of this before, but the idea is that you make a homemade gift for a specified number of recipients, and then encourage said recipients to pass another kindness on to someone else….Sending a spiral of kindnesses rocketing out ad infinitum. Pretty sweet, huh? I thought so too. For her P-I-F, Curly sent me some really lovely handmade note cards, and it seemed like such a nice thing that I decided to undertake one myself.

(excerpted from Curly’s blog for simplicity – many thanks Curly):

Here’s how it’s going to work. I will create and send a homemade gift to three people who comment that they are interested in playing along. (The people will be selected through the random number generator if I get more interest than just 3 people.)

I have been making jewelry for 20 years, so I’ve decided to make beaded necklaces for my Pay-It-Forward. The necklaces will be handmade of imported glass beads, with a center drop pendant and silver spring ring clasp in back. They will look like this:

The one above has been done in an array of amber beads, but if you are selected, you will get your choice of any standard color, or even multicolors if you’d prefer.

I will allow entries until a week from today. So FRIDAY, MAY 9th will be your last chance. I’ll select the three lucky recipients next Saturday, May 10th. Good luck!