Wine Review: Domaine La Hitaire, 2006 Les Tours

Domaine La Hitaire, 2006 Les Tours, 10.5 % Alc./Vol., 750 ml
White Gascogne wine: 65% Ugni Blanc, 30% Colombard and 5% Gros Manseng.

You might think, ah, another CHEAP ($10 here in Philly) French wine. But don’t be so quick to judge, b/c this one’s a definite keeper.

Pale yellow color with a subtle aroma. Well balanced, with low acidity and very little aftertaste. Smooth and understated, with hints of citrus, peach and apple.

Domaine La Hitaire would make a great choice for people who don’t normally care for whites like Chardonnay because of their intensity.

Overall, a light, crisp and super easy-drinking wine.  YUM-YUM.


Wine Review: Chateau La Grange de Grenet, 2005 Bordeaux

You’ll be pleased to hear that my 2008 resolution is going well, and I have been steadily gathering a whole boatload of information about my most-favorite of subjects: WINE.

For my first recommendation, I’d like to present a very moderately-priced ($10 here in Philly) red wine from France.

Chateau La Grange de Grenet, 2005 Bordeaux, 12.5 % Alc./Vol., 750 ml

For such an inexpensive wine, this one is a real treasure. Dark cherry color, bouquet hints of cherry, raspberry and plum. Well balanced. Good acidity, light clean finish with a subtle aftertaste of oak and ripe berries. All-in-all, a very lovely, highly drinkable wine. AND CHEAP.

Highly recommended!