WordPress Post A Week 2011 Challenge

In order to keep myself on track with blogging this year, I’ve committed to the WordPress Post A Week 2011 Challenge.  Haven’t heard of it?  Click that link for the details; in sum it’s a way for bloggers to step up and say I WILL WRITE MORE.  I WILL DO IT.  NO I AM NOT GOING BACK UPSTAIRS TO BED.

The challenge asks that participants announce their intent publicly on their blog (likely so your readers can hold you accountable).  So here goes.  I, Dishy, of The Daily Dish do solemnly swear that I will uphold the principles put forth in the WordPress Post a Week 2011 Challenge.  I promise to write at least one blog post per week — but if I get too busy and miss the deadline by a handful of days, that is okay too.  At the end of 2011 I should have 52 new posts.  Or more.  Amen.