I just have a second to post. Today is CSA delivery and as site host I spend half the day outside. WHICH I LOVE! BUT I HAVE to tell you all about the craziest movie we watched last night. It is called Fido, and I just knew I had to rent it when I saw a zombie face on the front of the box and big review letters proclaiming it “HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!” All I could think was HOOORAY!!! Another Shaun of the Dead. Which it is not. BUT it is just as clever a concept. The basic gist is this. The movie is set in the 1950s w/ all the requisite kitsch. Radioactive fallout has raised an army of the undead who terrorized the planet until (DUN-DA_DA!) ZOMCON Incorporated under the watchful eye of their scientist founder discovered a means by which humans could control (aka tame) the zombies. The “living” zombies all wear metal collars around their necks which magically render them completely docile. Subsequently, the humans now harness these zombies as slave labor. So you have zombie butlers, zombie gardeners, milkmen, paperboys, etc. Everyone tries to keep up w/ the Jones by having more zombie help than the next guy. W/out telling you every nuance of the film, the story follows this one lonely little boy who becomes best friends w/ his “pet” zombie, Fido. It was a thoroughly engaging and entertaining film – And good zombie comedy is hard to come by! We got it at Blockbuster, which surely means they have it everywhere. Go rent it today!