When Cold + Creepy = GOOD

This morning a group of people from Hollywood and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office came to scout our house as a possible location for the upcoming Mos Def movie Bury Me Standing. I’d spent all day yesterday scrubbing the place (conveniently my folks are coming for the weekend, so the glossy woodwork won’t go to waste). The movie folk came this morning and everyone was lovely and my husband and I spent several minutes chatting pleasantly about the EAGLES and pets, giddy with excitement thinking WOW what if they choose OUR HOUSE!!?? Unfortunately it took them all of 5 minutes to decide it wasn’t going to work. We are out the (imagined) 10 grand we would have made, plus the excitement and adventure of being moved to a hotel or apartment for a month and eating out and maybe meeting famous people and getting to go to a premier and yell “HEY! That’s MY HOUSE!!” Turns out they’re looking for a home for the lead character, someone described as being distant, cold, even a little creepy. So I guess I’m really glad they didn’t choose us. “Warm and inviting” is a good thing, right? Right?

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