RIP sweet Hammie

Yesterday was a sad one for our family. Hammie, my older daughter’s beloved hamster, died. I know that some people think of hamsters as disposable pets, but he was a really special little guy, a truly sweet and gentle friend, and will be greatly missed. Death is hard to reconcile at any age, but especially hard for children, who so unabashedly appreciate life. The irony of Hammie’s death coming right on the tail of our mouse eradication plan isn’t lost on me. Cruel cosmic justice, how you speak to my soul.

2 thoughts on “RIP sweet Hammie

  1. Too true..

    I keep listening to one of my favorite Regina Spektor songs (On the Radio)

    “This is how it works
    you’re young until you’re not
    you love until you don’t
    you try until you can’t
    you laugh until you cry
    you cry until you laugh
    and everyone must breathe
    until their dying breath.
    Yes, this is how it works
    you appear inside yourself
    you take the things you like
    then try to love the things you took
    and then you take that love you made
    and stick it into someone else’s heart
    pumping someone else’s blood.
    And walking arm in arm
    you hope it don’t get harmed
    but even if it does
    you just do it all again.”

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