I *heart* Stonyfield Farm

Last month I got a very unexpected email from the marketing coordinator at Stonyfield Farm yogurt informing me I’d won their Recipe of the Month contest. WOW! I didn’t even know I’d been entered, but apparently when you submit a recipe (something I did), they enter you automatically. Coool. So I was super excited to hear I’d been chosen as one of three winners for the month of November (an honor in and of itself), but even more psyched when I read that I’d also be getting… a PRIZE! Now, I don’t know if you can tell from my online persona, but sometimes I can get PRETTY EXCITED, and this was one of those times. A goodie bag of yogurt wonders ALL FOR MY VERY OWN!!! WOOHOO!

So I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my precious yogurt box, and late last week I began wondering where it could be. I worried about it a little bit. You see, we have issues with our mail delivery here at our palatial West Philly estate. Indeed, our postal service has become so erratic that we’ve had to open a PO Box at the main Philly branch in order to ensure we actually get some of our mail. Unfortunately when you miss a payment, businesses do not care if it was because you never ever got the bill. That’s simply NOT an excuse. And when we do receive mail at our house, it’s often sampled or heavily used. Like our bank statements, which come open and pre-scrutinized. Or our magazines, which arrive so dog-eared we know what the mailman had for lunch. We also routinely receive mail for other people, blocks away, which I dutifully walk over and place gently through their slot. But who is getting my mail? And why aren’t they kindly returning the favor?? Yesterday my 94 year old grandma called to say she’d gotten my recent card, but someone had slit the envelope down the side and removed the rest of its contents. It made me SO MAD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE?? HAVE THEY NO SHAME?? DO THEY NOT HAVE A GRANDMA~?? DO THEY NOT REALIZE GOD DOES NOT LOOK FAVORABLY ON THOSE WHO STEAL FROM 94 YEAR OLD WOMEN LONGING FOR PHOTOS OF THEIR GRANDCHILDREN??? As my husband would say, may God smite them. Painfully.

So you see, I was beginning to think my beautiful Stonyfield Farm prize might have been delivered and stolen off my porch. Like the time my husband ordered something from Apple, and UPS delivered it to some deranged woman 12 blocks away, who called us demanding money for its return. Or the time my neighbor ordered books from Amazon and found the open package three blocks away in the street. So this weekend I contacted the very nice marketing coordinator, explaining my concern, and YIPPEE! she told me that my package was on its way …. and finally, yesterday, my beautiful box from Stonyfield Farm arrived. 🙂

Let me tell you, it was even better than I’d expected. No expired yogurt at all. Instead I got coupons! Always great when you consume lots of healthy yummy delicious STONYFIELD FARM YOGURT like I do (*wink to camera*)! And not only that, but I got a bunch of awesome cooking stuff – a super thick Stonyfield Farm logo oven mitt,

heavy-duty pyrex measuring cup and double-spoon AND spatula. PLUS a yougurt cheese maker – which looks like a hairnet,

but actually makes you YOGURT CHEESE. Doesn’t that sound delicious??! I confess it does not sound all that delicious but I bet it is delicious if it is made with STONYFIELD FARM yogurt, because IT is the BEST. And not only did I get all of those amazing things, BUT I also got a cute cow-emblazoned magnet, a brand new pencil AND a Stonyfield Farm Cookbook, with tons and tons of recipes and ideas for using their delicious healthy yogurt, complete with scrumptious-looking color photographs. This book was written and tested by the CEO’s wife, so you know it’s got to be good. And last but not least, is my brand new beautiful Stonyfield Farm tote bag, with the SF Farm logo on one side and the Brown Cow logo on the other. My husband asked me who the Brown Cow is and I have to say I have no idea, but he/she is cute and that’s all that matters. I even got to USE my tote bag last night when we went to the library. I proudly displayed my yogurt preference to all and sundry and I know everyone was GREEN WITH ENVY. It’s lucky the library is so darn close to Whole Foods, because I think I left a trail of yogurt-hungry people all waiting for a quick release.

So, in conclusion, I urge each and everyone of you to go out and buy some wonderfully spectacular Stonyfield Farm yogurt today. Then you should go home and create a magnificently delicious recipe and send it to Stonyfield Farm, so that you too may be as happy as I am right now. Sitting here with my new potholder on my hand and my yogurt cheese maker on my head.

14 thoughts on “I *heart* Stonyfield Farm

  1. WoOt! Glad you’re having fun with it.

    Now, to your Grandma’s letter… Find packaging that makes what you’re sending her look like a piece of spam mail. Like those packages car dealers send to people telling them they may have won a flimsy one use barbeque grill.

    “Just show up! You might be a winner!”

    As long as a picture of the lame alleged ‘prize’ is on the front, no one will touch it.

  2. WOW. I am almost speechless.

    Is it possible to dream, wide awake???

    I have to keep editing my comment to add — too much whirling round in my brain…

    Must be British? the syrup they used isn’t American. And we don’t use that sugar either…


  3. what recipe did you submit to win this contest–it must be good!

    and i am green with envy over the tote bag…i’m an admitted tote bag ho. i collect them wherever i go.

    as for granny and the mail…you’ve got to hook the woman up–get her a computer and internet so you can just email her! i’m sure that at 94 she’s ready to get tech-saavy. 🙂

  4. splelling never maters here curly – dunt chu wooory. 😉

    My winning recipe is here. It is of course the last one, so please scroll down to check it out. I made it for Thanksgiving, I am not sure where you will find fresh cranberries now but heck they last so long, I bet someplace has them frozen and thawed. They will be around with spam and cockroaches after the fall of civilization. I love how my name is listed Christin Ellingsworth Philadelphia with no break in between. Makes me look classy like I have two last names. And my last name is also my city, so I will never forget.

    I have to go check out how things went with Wapner & you yesterday, I am hoping you were on a case for mail fraud or theft and hung the lil bastard out to dry.


  5. Hey, as Recipe of the Month winner, maybe you can convince Stonyfield that it is completely silly to have Soy Yogurt that contains MILK! I mean, what kind of people eat soy yogurt anyway? People who can’t or don’t want MILK, right? So why put it in your soy yogurt?? Ah, well. I have to stick with Silk or Whole Soy Yogurt.
    I wonder what Soy Yogurt Cheese would taste like…

  6. Yes that is indeed truly silly. I am thinking only vegans or those allergic to yummy delicious sweet sweet milk would actually want to consume soy yogurt. It sounds about as good as yogurt cheese IMHO. I will make sure to mention that when I meet with the CEO.

    Speaking of soy products, my friend Jim is quite a fan of the Rice Dream frozen non-dairy dessert (quite a mouthful there), and as he & I often rap about food, he tried persuading me to consume some. After much persuading, I did try Rice Dream frozen non-dairy dessert and have to say there is a reason people eat ice cream.

  7. I’m just lactose intolerant, so I could probably eat their soy yogurt. Lil, on the other hand, is allergic, so I stay away altogether.
    I think I’ve had a Rice Dream bar and it was okay. It wasn’t Double Rainbow or anything, but it was passable.

  8. Mmmmm…..rainbow. Speaking of ice cream, we stopped at Bassett’s the day we went to the home show to get cones. I know you guys love the RTM, I always think of you when we’re there. Anyway, I noticed that Rick’s Prince of steaks is still THERE! I thought Tony Luke’s had usurped their stall. PS: Hope you’re feeling better!

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