8 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  1. I hope its not real as I was just about to comment on how good it looked to eat! lol.

    My hubby has just send me an e-mail with a clip-art heart on it! I hope that is not his sole attempt at wooing me today! :o)
    My boy bought his girlfriend a dozen roses and a lovely card. He is such a romantic!
    Happy Valentines day Christy!


  2. Aniche: You poor thing, you really DO need some cookies, don’t you?

    Daffy: Your son is a tribute to you! Hope you had a wonderful day and got lots of attention (not to mention some choice gifts) 😉

    Hayden: YAY!! So glad you liked it!!

    Cordie: Hope you had a terrific day – thanks so much for the warm wishes.

    Curly: Unfortunately no cookies, but you are welcome to 1/2 a cheesecake! Perhaps I can squeeze it into the envelope with the cheesesteak. They will all be getting mixed up together in the tum-tum anyway! PS: I am going to see what you have to say now w/ regards to Jake Ryan – and it better be GOOD.



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