Cheesesteak – hold the roaches.


Want to know whether the dining establishment, food truck or greasy spoon you frequent is quite UP TO PAR, if you know what I mean?? WELL NOW YOU CAN. B/c my beloved programmer husband, as a totally free service to fellow Philadelphians, has just unveiled his brand new PHILADELPHIA FOOD SERVICE INSPECTION DATABASE. A readily-search-able, fully-indexed AND MAPPED program you can use at home or from a mobile device.

Never heard of a place and want to check it out before you sit down to eat? Now, FOR FREE, you can go to WELCOMETOPHILLY dot COM, and search for any health code violations they may have. Roaches, check. Mouse feces, check. Dirty work surfaces, nasty left-out food, even type in UNWASHED HANDS, and it will LET YOU KNOW. Restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias, nursing homes, schools – it’s ALL THERE.

Restaurants will be unhappy certainly, but SCREW THEM. You have the right to know this information before you sit down to that big steaming bowl of staphylococcus.

To use the website, simply go to, and type your query into the SEARCH BOX. You can search by zip code, street, address, business name, and of course the ever-entertaining *search term*. I cannot tell you how much revolting fun I’ve had simply typing in random words and seeing what comes up. Then again, I can’t really eat out – SO WHAT! if that Chinese place down the road has maggots crawling through its rice bin. YUM_YUM_YUM> More for YOU!

10 thoughts on “Cheesesteak – hold the roaches.

  1. After watching the 90th news video about unsanitary conditions I can definitely say this is something that people can and should use. Way to go hubby 🙂

  2. Hayden: Funny that you mention our orientation, b/c he was never into food till we met. Before that – it was all about speed and convenience, the mere conquering of urges. “let’s throw everything into a blender and slurry it up” so he could pound it and be done. But once we met… his interest changed. No more one-handed game. Now he’s all about exploring, just the two of us. Trying this & that, testing it all out. And then when it comes time, using just the right heat – slow & steady, building it up until everything comes to a boiling head and… Then we dive right in, famished and Frenzied, until we just cant_take Anymore. Ahhhhhhh… Then just relaxing and enjoying our fullness together.. YEP. Marriage is bliss.

    OrSO: Thanks babe!! Now you’ll know where to eat (& where not to) if you ever visit the great birthplace of Liberty.

  3. hey–great minds think alike! i blogged about the evils lurking on that innocent-looking slice of lemon garnishing your beverage in restaurants today! i can’t wait to check out your huzz’s site because husbandito and i are coming to philly this weekend!

  4. Ooooh Curly! I just knew you couldn’t resist for long! It was all that talk of naked men, wasn’t it? And the crack. Listen, if you get this before you leave, email me off-blog and I will give you a bunch of recommendations for when you’re here. christy at thedailydish dot us – or you can IM me at cellings27

  5. wow, such a useful and very scary site. hey, i wonder if they include those pretzel vendors who have fixed spots outside the museums and near highway exits?

  6. she

    pretzel vendors – and also all food trucks & carts – are included.

    You can do a search for terms like ‘pretzel cart’ or pretzel; the search does an automatic ‘and’ between all words.

    thanks for checking out the site *and this one*

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