Sewing Project 2.5: The Shower Curtain

This is technically my THIRD sewing project since getting my beautiful new machine, but I am bumping it up to the 2.5 position. Project No. 2 – a skirt for yours truly – is at a stand-still. Technically not my fault, since I assembled the body correctly, but having been shafted a sheet of directions I have no idea how to install the zipper and finish the waistband. We will speak no more of that now. Project 3 has been bumped to the front of the line. And it has REIGNED SUPREME.

We have an issue in our third floor bath. For some odd reason our shower curtains are waaay tooooo loooooong, so when in use the extra inches of material line the tub & get totally soaked. This leads to mildew problems and general ickiness, neither of which I like. So now that I have my brand new machine, I was going to hem our shower curtain. Which I’m still planning on doing, but since I had to launder the sucker before I could work on it anyway, I decided to try my hand at making a brand new one. And I couldn’t be happier with the results. Here is the material:

I’d purchased it some time ago. It is a soft Indian cotton. Yes, it is cheery. I thought it would look terrific in our bath, with its sunny yellow tile. AND IT DOES. WHICH MAKES ME SOOOOO HAPPPPPYYY!!!!!!

So even though I didn’t have a pattern or anything, I knew I could handle this one. And truly, making a shower curtain is about as easy as it comes. I didn’t even need to read the section of my manual on how to buttonhole b/c the material I’d purchased came with ties at the top.

HOW GREAT IS THAT! It did however come as two panels. Initially when I bought it (from the thrift shoppe, of course) I thought it was supposed to be curtains. But as each supposed “curtain” was (no joke) 12 feet long, I quickly concluded I’d been wrong. I still don’t know what the heck they were intended for, but they do work fabbbbulously as a shower curtain. So, I pinned the two panels together, stitched up the seam. Hemmed the whole thing to a perfect length and SHAZAM! Shower curtain extraordinaire. Not bad for an hour of work. YAY!

7 thoughts on “Sewing Project 2.5: The Shower Curtain

  1. You know these are very beautiful but if you were to rip them up and make the ends scraggy you could help a needy curlywurlygurly out as I’m sure they would make good orphan costumes! What? Who says you can’t have cheery looking orphans?
    I’ve never been very able when it comes to crafty things. My mum could knit and crochet for England but I must have mis-placed that gene!

  2. Daff, You are toooo smart! I just told Curly she can have my old shower curtain. [Between you and me, the new one is just too nice for orphan wear.] But that old one is gross and would work great. Yay!

  3. Hayden – trust me on this, making a shower curtain is soooooooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than whipping together some homemade furniture. If you screw up you can always toss the half-sewn garment out the window. Much harder to do with an effed up desk.

    Curly, I know it was meant as a sincere compliment, but please I beg you do not call me MS another time. I am getting a rash. PS: Hope you got those costumes cranked out! I was sending positive sewing vibes your way all night long. Going over to check your site. I am hoping for pix.

    OrSo, ME TOO!!!!! YAY! 🙂

  4. Lovely! As an incurable insomniac I purchased a brand new machine in the middle of the night
    recently thinking I would sew up some window seat cushions. I probably have to take it out the box first, right?

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