13 thoughts on “Springtime in the city

  1. Maybe daylight savings throws off their cloak of dark privacy but, seriously, I that sort of behavior was for alleyways or something.

    Put up a sign that says

    “Neighborhood Watch: No Ladies of Ill Repute. We will tow!”

  2. ps. can you tell that i stayed home from work today? i’m online like a fiend–i’m also whipping up some lovely pillowcases!! (don’t worry, it’s only my meager 1-day a week job that i’m missing–not school!)

  3. If they got the memo they are most certainly ignoring it. These women are open 24/7 for business, just like the diner. Poor pitiful souls. I would be more sympathetic had they the decency to do biz behind closed doors – and I ain’t talking CAR DOORS here. I get the feeling clients don’t have unoccupied homes to go to, if you catch my drift.

    Thanks for the sign idea Hayden. We considered that several years ago. Unfortunately now that the kids on the block are all getting older we would have to start explaining more of this to them if we stick up signs. Besides, these couples aren’t actually getting out of the cars – save to chuck an occasional item out the window or door. So they’re not even likely to see them.

    After my husband chased the latest pair off he told me he’d wanted to go up on the roof and drop a concrete block on the car. I don’t want him getting arrested, so I am glad he did not. We are currently mulling over several ideas involving firecrackers, cameras, and/or a garden hose.

  4. how about an airhorn? that will surely ruin the mood and it will be hard to figure out where the noise is coming from so they won’t point the ak-47 at your front door when they start shooting.

  5. LOL!! You are BRILLIANT. I am buying one tomorrow. And you know once I get one I am gonna be having some FUN with it. Watch out kids!! Momma’s got an airhorn. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!

  6. re: where do i get an airhorn?

    i bought one for our road trip last year–i thought it would be a good weapon–deafen the thugs or bears instead of spilling blood (husbandito bought a KNIFE! what a lunatic).

    we got ours at a local fishing/sporting goods place, but i bet you could find one at walmart. if you can’t find one, i’ll send you mine–we never ran into any thugs or bears.

  7. Goodness me! They have no shame. Oh the questions poor parents will have to answer….
    “Errr I think she is waiting for some new clothes to be delivered son….”
    “They are fashion models… it’s the new Spring line… ”
    On a more serious note I really think that is not acceptable.
    I do like the airhorn idea!

  8. Airhorn idea is great! Here in the south the street preachers get sicced (sp?) on them! Hard to get in the mood when someone is screaming religion from the curb!!! Course then your stuck listening too.

  9. Hey Daff – glad you’re back in the land of the bloggers! Hope you had a good restful weekend.

    Connie – you made me lauuugh. Yes, the street preacher might work. But it’d likely cause my husband to jump from the roof.

    Hayden, I thought you’d like that too! BOY i can’t WAIT to try it out. Curly, hurry up and ship that thing already!!

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