Given that I just wrote a “fictional” tale of a nearly 45 lb. cat named Pudding Butt, you KNOW this got my attention. This article graces the front page of this morning’s Philadelphia Inquirer. In short, it’s the story of a 44 lb. stray cat just found in Voorhees, New Jersey. This cat is so big it has to ride in a DOG CARRIER. Sound familiar??? Animal shelter staff nicknamed the cat Princess Chunky, BUT I KNOW HER TRUE IDENTITY. This, my friends, is none other than Pudding Butt.

11 thoughts on “PUDDING BUTT LIVES!

  1. That cat has to belong to someone! We are trying to teach our cat to use a kitty door…I don’t think this feline could get his head through! Oh My Gosh…I’ll just bet you want him!!! You know you do.

  2. Hayden, I could not make this stuff up – OH wait! I DID! HAHAHAHAHA.

    Yes, Trace – Princess Chunk (aka Puddin Butt) does look authoritative. I would not be late w/ the vittles come feeding time, if you know what I mean.

    And Lovely Connie, you KNOW that I do indeed want this morbidly obese animal all for my very own. If for no other reason than to hock my story to the networks! JUST JOKING! I bet this cat’s even better than an electric blanket.

  3. whew! I’ve been looking all over the place for my “pudding butt” … hope she didn’t get used to Princess Chunky, we already have a cat named that.
    ; o }

  4. Holy big kitty bat man! Could you write a story about how I get really really rich. Maybe it could come true as well! Pudding Butt’s name was changed to protect the innocent, I know its really her!

  5. I really really really want this cat!! He’s (yes, it’s a he now!) so cute!! He’s more than twice the size of dearly departed, obese Blister! Incredible!!

  6. Dearest Erika, MANNNNNY thanks for our 2 new Puddin Butts- to- be! You are the BEST. Love ya babe!

    Curly, SEE what you could be caring for besides Ferdie??

    Michelle I will get to work on a brand new story just for you! Once upon a time, there was a very nice woman named Michelle. Now Michelle was very sweet, but she was also very poor. This was b/c she was always hoping to strike it rich. And so she spent all of her money buying lottery tickets. Each day she would go to her job as a potato sorter, and each day she would spend the little money she’d earned on a scratch & win (but mostly lose) ticket. To no avail. Until one magical day, at the potato factory, she picked up a very special potato. A MAGICAL SPUD, which spoke to her through its one eye. MICHELLE!! It said. Oh pleaaseee, put me in your purse, and I will bring you good luck forevermore. And so Michelle, being a steadfast adherent to supernatural potato requests, stuck the russet into her bag. After work she went by the Salt & Pepper II where she always bought her lotto cards, and picked up the usual. But – this time – she WON. And I mean, WON. Big Time. $150,000. On the first line. And she and the potato lived happily ever after.

    Laura, I have heard they found PuddinButt’s owner… no word on whether PB’s still up for grabs. Good luck! xo

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