8 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZANNE!!!!

  1. Thank you so much Chris! Glad to see you led with the picture of me riding a childrens bike like a lunatic. Anyway, miss you guys so much and wish you a happy thanksgiving!!
    love suzanne

  2. happy b-day to the dishy-sis. maybe suzanne could start a blog…it will be a family affair.

    happy thanksgiving to you guys…don’t eat too much turkey-lurkey.

    cwg & husban-dito

  3. I’m an only child, so I had to create imaginary siblings to be mean to me. If I’d been of a different disposition I suppose I could have invented siblings to be mean to.

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Suzanne!

    (Now I’ve got that Lou Reed song going through my head.)

  4. Oh SUE! You KNOW you were having a bLAST!! Stealing a bike from a CHILD and riding like a loon. HAHAHHAH!! Kidding… I just wanted to convey your youthful enthusiasm to the audience. And you look radiant in that pic. PS: Hope your bday was wonderful. PPS: How was the food??

    Thanks Curly babe! I know Suzanne appreciated all of these lovely comments. PS: I am sorry you had to eat jellybeans, cold toast and pretzel sticks for dinner. That is just too sad. What happened to the LASAGNE?!

    Hayden, trust me, we did QUITE a bit of brawling growing up. Just wait till Sue starts her own blog. I am envisioning the posts she will write about how I ran her over w/ my bike, caused head injury playing Superman, and so on…

    Thanks Spidey! Hope you had a very happy Turkey Day.

    Oh Panns, you are too funny (and tragic). HAHAHH!

    Many thanks Connie!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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