NOOoooOoooo!!  BUT. I do have some really big news.  Bigger than the Taj Mahal.  Grander than the River Seine.  Faster than a speeding Toot & Scoot.


We are moving.  To MAINE.  In one month.  I kid you not!

Home of snow and lobster, VACATIONLAND, here we come~!


16 thoughts on “BIG NEWS! I am NOT DEAD!

  1. WOW! this is huge news indeed, my friend! congrats (because you sound excited and happy)!!! our neighborhood is losing an awesome family, though – you will be greatly missed. i always appreciated the knowledge that you were just around the block, even though I haven’t seen you much since summertime. well, have some kind of going-away party, will ya? 🙂 Best wishes!! – Pamela


  2. Great. So you come back to tell us you’re going on permanent vacation to Vacationland.

    Seriously, your head must be spinning in circles and doing backflips at the same time. Congratulations and good luck with everything. I’ll call off Tommy Lee Jones and the rest of the U.S. Marshals. Not sure what I can do about the milk cartons (I ordered a large print run).


  3. I would love to live in Maine! Snap loads of pics to share with your Bloggersville neighbours! Congrats on your big news.

    You’re not dead yet. “I feel happy!” (Monty Python reference)



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