Georgia & The Fly

Last week I was sitting on the couch reading, when my younger daughter began elbowing me.  MOMMY LOOK!  MOMMMY LOOK!  She was pointing to something on the back of the couch.  I leaned in for a better view.  It was a run-of-the-mill housefly, perched on the back of the chair.  And it looked dead.

Georgia, that poor fly is dead, quit poking at it.

She was insistent.  NOOO, MOMMY IT’S ALIVE.  REALLY!! I figured she was just pushing on the little dead fly and wiggling it with her finger. But she wasn’t.  It was alive.  Never before had I witnessed a fly sitting patiently while being petted by a human, but there it was.  On the back of my couch.  Only after she’d picked it up and kept petting it for a while did the thing finally fly off.



Georgia & friend

I was in equal parts revolted and amazed.  Here was a creature I’d always regarded as a poop-eating, garbage-dump-thriving vermin displaying what can only be described as (dare I say it?) TRUST towards my 5 yr old.  It’s not like humans and flies are the best of friends.  But that fly was as good as glued to Georgia’s hand.  She could have smashed it licketysplit.  But she didn’t.

Sometimes we are like the fly – willing to take a chance against the odds.  Sometimes we are like the child – seeing a friend in the unlikeliest of creatures.  Whether it was Georgia’s sticky hand — or the sweetness of her soul — that kept the fly there for so long, I’ll never know.  But I’d like to think a little of both.

19 thoughts on “Georgia & The Fly

  1. I did the same with ladybugs and other beetles when I was very young. Spiders too. Not so much slugs and earthworms though. Can’t recall ever having the kind of experience Georgia had with her fly, though. I am somehow reminded of a song. “Geraldine and the Honeybee,” by Willis Alan Ramsey. Okay, maybe it’s a little adult in theme, but the title is what put it in my mind.

  2. Sadly the fly was probably eating and vomiting whilst sitting there the way flies always do. I’m sure Georgia enjoyed the fly petting though. V cute story. Now go and wash her hand, quickly!

  3. Hey Pans! Yes, those worms & slugs are a little juicy for my taste too. Not quite as pettable. Will have to check out the song. Many thanks!

    SO. Those were YOUR dishes, huh Mads??!

    Thanks Hayden. Georgia was truly thrilled.

    Hah! Glad to know you’ll now think twice about it, Zhisou. I’ve done my duty to the flies of the world.

    UGH! Remind me NOT to read comments whilst eating lunch!! Lol

  4. first letting your children use the ped egg as a toy, then force feeding them vile red vines, now this?!?! i’m sending you a parenting handbook.

    didn’t the plague start with flies or something?!?!?! they are FILTHY. ewww. i’m driving to maine and stealing your daughters away. at my house, i’ll ply them with goodies, let them stay up until all hours, and we’ll have FUN. (much better parenting, no?)

  5. P.S. I re-posted my fly post; your daughter might enjoy the pictures of the bugs. I think you’ve already seen the smiley-face (well, smiley-rear, really) spider.

  6. Oh Trace – we have too many pets as is! And each time we go to the pet store for food, there’s always much begging for a new one. PUH-LLLEAAASSSE MoMMMMMY -just ONE baby GUINEA PIG — ooohhhh ppplllleeaaasee!! Mommy – isn’t that the CUTEST rat you’ve ever seen??! Ohhhh, I want one of those little white mice. Or, maybe TWO? CAN WE????? Can we?? HUH??? Then of course I am in the bird room making over all 7 conures, and they’re squawking for my attention, and I am singing, and it’s ridiculous. We’re like a 3 ring circus when it comes to animals..

  7. @S.Le my first cynical thought was that said fly was looking for somewhere to lay eggs.

    Dishy, I have no doubt as to the sweetness of her soul…the apple does not fall far from the tree!

    @CWG I would be the g-parent that let her grandson gather snails and such. We are sending a whole houseful of children to you this summer…Enjoy!

  8. yes, couldn’t you just LIVE in the pet store??? I have decided to be a pet grandma. Love ’em and send ’em home! I adore guinea pigs… and we had the bestest rat one time, named Ranger, such personality… bad experience with mice, and birds, tho… but there are ppppuuuuuppppiiiieeesssss!!!

  9. Awww Connie (keep it coming!)

    Tracie – YES I could and DO live in the pet store – we call it HOME. 😉

    IP – do you work for Disney?? If not, you SHOULD>!

    Don’t be silly, Zhisou. He uses TWITTER.

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