Turkey Floats

In yesterday’s post about the dead turkey, I mentioned the males are beginning to display.  So I thought I would elaborate with some photos.

If you are from Philly, then you know who the Mummers are.  If you are not, then you are missing out!  The Mummers are a Philly tradition.  They are a collective of local neighborhood clubs composed historically of men; nowadays there are lots of women too.  These guys & gals get together over the course of each year to put together elaborate costumes and routines for an annual New Year’s Day parade.  Some of the Mummers play instruments, others are strictly theatrical.  But all of the costumes are over the top.  Think MORE is MORE.

Here is an elaborately costumed Mummer.

And here is one of the male turkeys in full display.

Being from Philly, I can’t help but think of the Mummers.  The male turkeys glide across the yard like mini parade floats.  They strut, they cluck, it’s crazy.  They want these lady turkeys SO BAD!  But the girls, quite honestly, don’t seem to want anything to do with them.  I saw one female (she must be one of the hottie turkeys b/c the males were surrounding her, strutting & bobbing like mad) she practically flew across the yard to get away from them.  And seriously, can you blame her?  Just look at those big red sacs – can you imagine some dude following you round Target w/ a dangly scrotum stuck to his face?!  YIKES!

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  1. S. Le & Zhisou, I seem to have ruined the Mummers for you. Perhaps I shouldn’t have equated festive drunken revelry w/ horny turkeys? Oh well..

    Thanks Steph – now I can’t get the Beastie Boys out of my head! As for the Target. I’ve never seen an exposed scrotum there (thankfully) but before we left Philly, I did find a plastic penis in the parking lot. I was exiting the car and there it was lying in the grassy median. I stood gaping at it a moment, trying to reconcile how it’d gotten there. After a couple seconds, I chalked it up to perverts and just went into the store.

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