Hey blog friend!  It’s me, Dishy.  If you’ve been worrying about me since my last painful post, wondering whether I have recovered from the loss of my former parrot, Kiwi, the ingrate, let me just say: I am okay.  I’ve been coping well since Kiwi abandoned me without a word, and I am not harping on it, at all.  In fact I hardly think about her, like ever, whether she’s met someone new, who looks like me, but will never be me.  I mean, AS IF.  After giving her the best 10 years of my life, acting like her damn slave, and…

Like I said.  Totally fine!  Over it.  Moved on.  I don’t keep her feathers in a jar by the backdoor.  What are you talking about?  *cough*  SO.  How’ve you been??  Awesome!  Your hair looks great!  And you’re so TAN!   Gotta love summer, huh?  Yeah, so did I tell you I saw this blue jay circling around in my backyard?  It might sound crazy, but I think he was trying to tell me something.  Like give me a message.  Maybe from Kiwi.  What do you think..?  Hey.  Where’re you going??  HEY!!!

That was CRAZY! man!  You sprinting off like that.  SO fast!  SWOOSHHHH.  You must be training, huh?!  Good thing I caught up.  You weren’t expecting that, were you?  Not at all.  Yeah, well I’ve been running a lot lately, see, not that I’d ever feel unwanted, but just in case the need arises.  You never know..  I mean, p’shaw!  Right.  So where’re we off to??

Whoa!  SMALL WORLD.  I just ran out of toothpaste this morning too.  I mean, steady diet of wine and coffee..hahah.. it’s bound to take its toll.  Just call me Doo Doo Brown!  HAHAH!!  Hey. Can I borrow your chapstick?  Or have some of your water?  I mean, I left mine at home, ya know, when I ran after you like that.  Not that you were *running away* – HAHAHAHHAH!

HEY!  Boy, you are FAST.  By the way, you almost hit me when you tossed that water bottle over your shoulder!  Good thing I’ve got such razor-sharp reflexes!  I’ve been practicing with a net.  You never know when you might need those types of skills.  NOT that I would need to catch anything – like a bird.  Or… anything.  I mean I’m totally fine with getting a tube of Crest 3D by myself, I don’t need an escort!  Golly.  It’s just that we’re both walking the same direction, we might as well go together.  You wouldn’t want to hold hands, would you?  Sometimes it’s just nice to feel close.


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  1. I thought I’d read a post a ways back that you’d adopted two lovebirds(?) how are those two feathered friends doing? Ten good years worth is a whole lotta love you were able to give Kiwi…I know she appreciated every minute of it, and misses you as much as you miss her. I trust she was taken in by a loving family; perhaps just a little too far away for her to find her way home to you! Darn those animals and how they tie us up in knots caring so much for them.
    Have a wonderful Fall, and I want to let you know also, how much I love your cookbooks!

  2. Hi Pat! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I hope wherever she is, Kiwi is safe, happy, and living the birdie high life! <3 And YES! You're totally right! I do have new birds!! Not just two, but now FOUR parakeets!!!! Who are adorable and have totally enchanted me. I must write a post about them ASAP! I'm thrilled to hear you're loving the cookbooks! That totally makes my day. Thanks so much again for writing. Wishing you all the very best, Christy

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