Having a “blonde moment”

Let me tell you , I am PISSED. I was just reading the blog of someone who has recently been checking out my websites. The writer happens to be a woman who bleached her brown hair platinum blonde about 2 weeks ago – and in her latest post she (NO JOKE) described a recent foible as “doing something blonde.”


This person seems like an otherwise decent individual, but WTF?!

I am a natural blonde. Blonde at birth, rather than bottle bred, and I for one am no DUMBASS. I don’t know when it came into parlance that blonde or blond = DUMBASS, but I for one find it offensive. We have been made scapegoats for stupidity for too effing long. And I am sick of it.

If someone screwed up and said they’d done something BLACK, do you think African-Americans would not be calling the NAACP? Would people not be filled with venom? And yet, people say this sh*t all the time and just laugh like it’s the funniest most acceptable thing in the world.