Having a “blonde moment”

Let me tell you , I am PISSED. I was just reading the blog of someone who has recently been checking out my websites. The writer happens to be a woman who bleached her brown hair platinum blonde about 2 weeks ago – and in her latest post she (NO JOKE) described a recent foible as “doing something blonde.”


This person seems like an otherwise decent individual, but WTF?!

I am a natural blonde. Blonde at birth, rather than bottle bred, and I for one am no DUMBASS. I don’t know when it came into parlance that blonde or blond = DUMBASS, but I for one find it offensive. We have been made scapegoats for stupidity for too effing long. And I am sick of it.

If someone screwed up and said they’d done something BLACK, do you think African-Americans would not be calling the NAACP? Would people not be filled with venom? And yet, people say this sh*t all the time and just laugh like it’s the funniest most acceptable thing in the world.

8 thoughts on “Having a “blonde moment”

  1. Ouch. I mean, OUCH.

    Well, I have never identified with hair, but if someone made a comment with the word ‘nappy’ in it, the s* would hit the fan. Oh wait, it did.

    I am really sorry about that!!

  2. I never saw this post… I wouldn’t take it personal! It’s a stupid stereo-type taken from goodness knows where and it is hurtful. Regardless of hair colour my dear you are one of, if not THE smartest lady I have come across in a long while. Don’t waste good energy on negative feeling . xx

  3. Yikes! Not sure I want to get involved in the comments above…only to say you are obviously a very intelligent women, you put together a fantastic website. I am a cardiac nurse in NC and am always looking for good low-sodium recipes to give my patients and you have put together a masterpiece of recipes. I can’t wait to try some of them! P.S Try to focus on the positive… but always after you speak your mind!

  4. BOY GUYS you truly made my day w/ those comments. My ego had to be coaxed down from the ceiling this morning!

    Daff, you are the BEST! Always taking the sting away and making my boo-boos feel better. xoxo

    Ruthanne, you are the BEST TOO. Welcome!! As much work as the site is, it keeps me sane. I hope you & your patients find it a valuable resource. Those cardiac patients can be an ornery bunch – especially when it comes to food. My dad had a triple bypass 1 1/2 yrs ago and STILL doesn’t want to watch what he eats. YOU WOULD THINK HE WOULD LEARN – especially w/ a daughter who is on the SAME STINKING DIET AND RUNS A WEBSITE DEVOTED TO LOW-SODIUM COOKING.. but no, of course not…
    God Bless Him anyway. Love you Daddy! Keep in touch, Ruthanne!

  5. Dear Dailydish,

    What you’re saying is so true…I’m not a natural blonde (and of course not a bleached blonde, or bleached brunette as they should be called), but I am in total agreement with your assertion that natural blondes have been made to suffer and endure ridicule for no reason whatsoever. I’m really curious to know which person or group of persons was responsible for perpetrating this hateful and demeaning reputation of blondes women being stupid and dumb. What compelled me to write this comment was the following blog entry I came across:


    I’m almost positive the writer is a bleached blonde (brunette), since no person who was born blonde would demean themselves in that way. My own theory is that this whole blonde=dumb thing came about as a result of angry, jealous and frustrated brunettes who sought out to do anything they could which would to cause society to look at blonde women in a negative light. I say this because I have sen so many instances of brunettes saying negative things about blondes. In fact, anytime I’ve heard a brunette make a comment about a woman with blonde hair, it has been a negative comment. I guess it must be attributable to jealousy for all the male attention which blondes seem to command.

  6. wow.just wow.there were a lot of bad words in that post as georgia would say.i didnt know you felt that way about you(or us)being blondes.

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