Natural blondes: a true minority.

YES I am still pissed about the Blonde Comment. I will get over it. But as a natural blonde living in a world permeated with dye jobs, I’ve had to deal with this stuff my whole life long. I had no control over my hair color, I was born blonde. When someone is born BLIND, they don’t have to spend their years hearing about how stupid they are. Only knuckledraggers make Blind Jokes. WHY? B/c it’s repulsive. But somehow, blond jokes are o-kay. We, after all, deserve it.

Natural blondes are a true minority and minorities always make easy targets. Just look at WWII. No one outside our community can even discern the reals from the fakes. Not even Wikipedia. Go to its entry on Blond and what do you get? A bunch of photos of bleachers. It is such a FREAKING RARITY to find another natural blonde that whenever we encounter each other it is usually cause for discussion. Like this weekend, I met a young blonde woman working as a cashier at a store. She said, Yeah, people always think I bleach my hair. And of course they would. Since everyone does. But as natural blondes, WE CAN TELL. B/c WE KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

I hear almost daily from people with brown, dark brown, and occasionally black hair that they too were born blonde. I’m not doubting the veracity of these claims, but when you’re staring down a pair of brows a la Sylvester Stallone, it’s frankly hard to imagine. This brings me to an interesting point. When a non-blonde bleaches their hair, the eyebrows simply do not match. This is a plain and simple fact. The head hair could be any color under the rainbow, but the eyebrows will remain a testament to reality. Portia de Rossi from Arrested Development comes to mind, who – although a beautiful woman, looks comic with her platinum dye job and thick black brows. This works to her advantage, especially in the above show. But for others, the brow mismatch is more of a challenge. Some, after bleaching their hair, decide to pluck their eyebrows within an inch of their poor lives. So they are left with a bare wisp of a brow. So thin they believe we cannot easily discern its true color.


I have even on occasion seen individuals without any vestige of eyebrow at all, the NO-brows, and I am in no way talking CANCER SURVIVORS here. Totally Self-Inflicted. I believe the extremists also take this south in order to avoid the inevitable faux pas of Curtains Not Matching the Rug.. Perhaps accounting for the popularity of the torture otherwise known as the “Brazilian Wax.”

But I will bore you no longer. My point in this post was simply to enlighten you to the plight of a heretofore overlooked second-class. And if you think twice before cracking another Dumb Blond joke, then I have done my job.

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  1. When I was a kid, the jokes about stupid people were “Polack Jokes”. I imagine it was a different group in different decades. I think blondes became the target when making jokes based on race was deemed unacceptable. In the beginning, the jokes seemed harmless and just a little silly. But something happened recently that I find really interesting. The blonde jokes turned mean-spirited and ugly. It was no longer a nudge implying that blondes may be pretty, unique and desirable, but maybe they weren’t that smart. Suddenly the jokes implied that blondes were tramps as well as simple. Perhaps it is a way for our society to hold on to it’s paternalist ways as the female population becomes larger and women are on a more level playing field in the business and political world. They wouldn’t dare openly tell “Woman Jokes” for fear of being labeled a misogonist, but a blonde joke is “safe.”
    OK, I didn’t mean that to turn into a feminist rant. I was just a pondering.

  2. Well, I for one love your natural blonde hair AND that big ole brain of yours and would not for a second think of calling you a dumb blonde- EVER.

    My middle brother was born with cornsilk white hair, poker straight. It was absolutely beautiful. Then round about puberty it darkened to more of a light brown and became slightly curly. I would not call him dumb either, he was forever making straight A’s without studying at all, and is now an engineer. And please do read that with all the gushing-with-pride-as-if-it-were-my-own-accomplishment feeling you’d like 🙂

    So I agree the stereotype is just silly. Especially when you think about how thoughtless it is to quantify a group with a blanket statement. That’s not a feel good for anyone.

    love ya babe!

  3. Aura Mae – many thanks for your astute analysis. And I do think you’re right. Blondes make a safe whipping post in this day & age. Unfortunately many women contribute to this “merrymaking.” I’ve heard more than one woman gleefully trashing blondes. and in a spiteful way I must add. The woman I mentioned yesterday is another example – she wasn’t being intentionally malicious, but she’s perpetuating the fallacy all the same.

    OrSo, BIG HUGS!! Thank you for making me smile. Love you too.

    Curly, step AWAY from the joke book. I am turning on the hose NOW> there it goes, right back into the gutter.

  4. Sad but true. Wonder where the blonde thing started in the first place. I have bottled highlights b/c my original blond hair did not look good going to gray! To answer my own question, true blondes are beautiful and everyone else is just jealous, hence the blonde jokes. P.S. My daughters were so blonde as children but always had dark eyebrows from their Dad! Crazy huh?

  5. I’m a dirty blonde… no! Stop Laughing, my hair is blonde but a little darker so one of my “friends” described the colur as dirty blonde!
    My daughter had beautiful white hair as a toddler and now it is a few shades lighter than my own. She is a smart cookie and will not spend a second defending her ability because of the colour of hair. The blondes will always have the last laugh and she/he who laughs last, laughs longest!
    Sending you smiley hug vibes! xx

  6. Good morning Connie! I spent a few minutes yesterday doing a little research into the matter of where it started. I think you may be right in one respect – jealousy. NOT b/c we’re more beautiful than other women, but b/c blonde hair is naturally so rare that it garners more attention. Other women get jealous of the added attention blondes enjoy, hence they evolve “untoward” feelings towards blondes. As well as making the decision en masse to start bleaching their own hair. PS: I see other natural blondes with much darker eyebrows than my family have – we are particularly pale – and it’s always very interesting! I always loved genetics in school. Mendel and his peas. etc.

    Daff, you are sooo baaaad. [And SO GOOOD at cracking me up.]
    Love ya babe!

  7. I totally agree with thedailydish’s explanation regarding the animosity of women toward natural blondes. Being a male who has dated brunettes, bleached blondes and natural blondes, the one thing I can say for sure is that all women (except natural blondes) have an intense jealousy for natural blonde women. I was surprised to learn how deep that jealousy and resentment is with some women. And sadly, I’ve found that to be the case in just about every brunette I’ve been with. Bleached blondes are jealous and envious as well, but rather than take an antagonistic approach, try so hard and sometimes go to extreme lengths to try and pass as a natural blonde. What they don’t realize is that no matter what they do, with very few exceptions they simply can’t achieve the “natural blonde” look. In fact, ones that try too hard end up looking pretty bad. The bleached blondes generally have bad attitudes as well, and are responsible for giving true blonde women a bad name. Just about every true blonde woman I’ve met does not fit the “dumb promiscuous” image that bleached blondes have created.

    Yes, natural blonde women are very rare…but I would have to disagree with thedailydish on the point about natural blondes not being more beautiful…yes they are rare, but let’s face the facts here…in general, I think most normal, unbiased guys would, if they had a choice, choose a natural blonde over a brunette or even redhead.

    1. I just love how EVERYTHING falls on the women. Blondes misunderstood? Fault of women. Blondes hate? Fault of women. Then you end with a hilarious note about how “most normal guys” would prefer a hair color over another. And you want to blame hate on women? Look in the mirror. If every women in the world told you that men with BLUE eyes were far superior to you and you had BROWN, of course you’re going to grow a complex. Maybe, instead of blaming women for this kind of hate while in the same breathe perpetuating this myth that “blonde women” are more attractive you just sit down and shut up. That’s literally the best thing that MEN can do. And notice that it’s women who get the bad wrap. Blondes for being stupid and non-blondes for being jealous. Notice how nowhere men factor in when THEY are the ones who gain by reducing blondes to idiots and women in general to be jealous and hateful. Last time I looked, women were being oppressed by…YOU GUESSED IT…men. Moreover, blondes don’t need men validating them by telling them how “intelligent” you think they are and then immediately reducing a man’s attraction to them on “hair color”. If you really thought blondes were INTELLIGENT you wouldn’t make such idiotic comments.

  8. So brunettes are jealous of natural blondes? Get over yourself. I would never choose to be a blonde, real or fake. While I have nothing against blonde hair, I like having dark hair; is that so hard to believe? As for the last comment, I disagree. Polls taken in the last few years indicated that most men prefer brunettes and even redheads over blondes. Do your research.

    1. A *real* blonde doesn’t get to choose the hair color they are bestowed upon birth, hence it is called NATURAL, you douche…

      P.S. Who the fuck would actually care enough to research what hair colors men prefer? Most likely one who is insecure about NOT being bestowed the gift of natural blonde hair.

    2. 10 bucks says that a woman was in-charge of that study, and that woman had brown hair… sorry love, but I have to disagree!

      I’ve had other girls call me ugly my whole life.. and it wasn’t until i was fully grown that I found I am actually attractive (according to my partner and all his friends)

      If all peroxide & hair dye for blondes & red heads were removed from shelves all over the world and brunettes had no access to it you would notice how much more attention we actually garner from the opposite sex, even simply down to the way we’re treated in today’s society is special.

      And as for the blonde jokes, I find them hysterical!!
      I have a few in my pictures folder that I’ve saved from Facebook that made me roll in laughter… maybe I just have poor taste :p


      A blonde woman was speeding down the road in her little red sports car and was pulled over by a woman police officer who was also a blonde.

      The blonde cop asked to see the blonde driver’s license. She dug through her purse and was getting progressively more agitated.

      “What does it look like?” she finally asked. The policewoman replied, “It’s square and it has your picture on it.”

      The driver finally found a square mirror in her purse, looked at it and handed it to the policewoman. “Here it is”, she said.

      The blonde officer looked at the mirror, then handed it back saying, “OK, you can go. I didn’t realize you were a cop…”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! my fav <3
      I guess I can laugh though were others can't, because I feel like I am not actually a smart person, never have been; but that's not from a lack of trying.

      Plus I see it like this, at the end of the day non-blondes make jokes like this and most of us take it too seriously; but at-least we're uniquely known for something even if it is for being dull & ditsy, better that than be a brunette who's not known for being special or unique in any way whatsoever (think about it, when you imagine a brunette, absolutely NOTHING special springs to mind! But think of a blonde woman and you think; attractive, can be easy, which just makes men chase us more in the hopes that it's true… hahahahaa and that we're not smart, making men think we're just easier to deal with and obviously less argumentative.. so brunettes have kinda made us even better with these jokes and nasty comments while making themselves look more & more like dry non buttered rye-bread).. we were already getting loads of attention for being different… and all jokes like this have done is given us more attention. hahahah XD

  9. I agree with what you are saying. It is really annoying and pathetic how SOME people have a go at “blondes” as a whole rather than considering the fact that, well..we were born that way.
    Just one thing though, I am a natural light blonde but i have darker eyebrows. That has always been an added contribution to the argument started by people who ask if i dye my hair. When i say “no.” they simply don’t believe me because of the shade of my eyebrows.

    But yes- unfortunatly i doubt the blonde jokes will ever stop. I have never found them funny…perhaps in the eyes of their creaters that makes me stupid. *sigh* They are pointless, image comments with no plot, and i will never see the funny side.

  10. I agree wi th Fiona in that I have never found blonde jokes to be funny in any way and are done in very poor taste. Its almost as though they continue to be perpetuated out of jealousy and envy over the fact that yes, blonde women are the most sought after and desired women throughout the world (yes, it is true, and I’ve seen it so many times, that most non-blonde women are more often than not driven by feelings of jealousy in their dealings with natural blondes).

    As for Anon’s comment, yes, there are some really gorgeous brunettes out there…and in my opionion brunettes look best as brunettes, and not when they bleach their hair blonde….brunettes generally have a darker skin tone that goes better with dark hair. Bleached brunettes are the ones that are the culprits here since they try to be something they’re not and give the true blondes a bad name.

  11. My daughter in law is a natural blonde that dyed her hair brown. My son had always been teasing her with blonde jokes, so I asked him if she was smarter since she dyed her hair brown, and he said, “Yes – artificial intelligence!” I guess being a brunette, I never found them anything but harmless. But my brother-in-law teased my sister with them, until his small, blonde daughter heard a particularly insulting one, and said “Daddy, is that the color of my hair?” That stopped him.

  12. This is a great forum since its nice to hear people speak freely and give their opinions on this heated subject. I’ve noticed that few topics evoke such strong feelings and opinions as the topic of women and blonde hair. The opinions are almost always divided between those of natural blondes and brunettes, and sadly, in almost every instance brunettes seem to express a sense of hatred, anger and yes, jealousy. I think that’s unfortunate since some brunettes can be just as attractive as natural blondes, but sadly even with them their attitude makes them less attractive. I think this (as well as the fact that natural blondes are rare and therefore viewed as precious) explains why natural blondes are in just about every part of the world prized for their beauty far more than any other type of woman. Self confidence and good attitude go a long way in determining beauty, and for some reason natural blondes seem to have both. The few brunettes who are truly confident and comfortable with themselves (and not angry and jealous of blondes) that look good. And one thing’s for sure –brunettes almost never look as good when they dye their hair and try to be blonde. With a few exceptions, blonde hair (especially light blonde hair) just doesn’t match the skin tone and other features most common among brunettes. I think the blonde eyebrow thing is interesting…people always say that natural blondes always have light blonde eyebrows but as Fiona says, some true blondes, even ultra light blondes, have rather dark eyebrows. I’m curious as to how common that really is since it seems I run into a lot of blonde girls who are really blonde but have dark eyebrows. So if you’re a natural blonde, perhaps you could share with us whether your eyebrows and head hair are the same (or close at least) color.

    1. Most true blondes have light eyes (regardless of eyebrow color). A survey done in the UK showed 0% of the natural blondes interviewed had brown eyes, and I would expect even fewer in the USA as light eyes are recessive. Blonde hair is rare, people in the USA and Western Europe use bleach and dye to achieve a blonde shade, and many of those actually had blonde hair before puberty but it darkened upon adulthood. With hormonal changes and age, almost no one in the world has blonde hair, it is certainly under 2%. Natural blondes are quick to point out a fake, as blondes very rarely see a natural blonde representing them on television. Nonetheless, just as Black people had to deal with minstrels in Black-face portraying the Black races as something they weren’t – so too do blonde people have to deal with brunettes portraying their bottle-blonde as real – acting as though blonde hair extends to personality and intelligence. Neither of these scenarios is true. Stop persecuting blondes (and others too!). Blondes aren’t dumb – they are a true minority, almost never represented in media nor legislation. Racism and xenophobia against anyone must end.

  13. Excellent forum. Most people don’t realize that the blond race is a minority, and no we’re not nazi’s. Heck, i’m not even German, but I am blond, and it angers me that the majority of the blondes you see are not natural, and those are the “ditzy” “bimbo’s” giving us a bad stereotype. People ask me if my hair color is natural, then tell me i’m “lucky” because they spend “alotta money” bleaching, so they can go fool some poor sap.

  14. Robert makes an excellent point…the term “blonde” should only be used to describe or refer to NATURAL blondes, since that’s the group that can rightfully claim it. “Blonde” MUST NOT be used to describe those who have dyed their hair blonde, since as Robert correctly states it’s the bleached blondes who have been responsible for the negative connotations which are associated with the term “blonde.” The situation is especially grave for natural blondes due to the overwhelmingly larger number of fake blondes compared to natural blondes, far more than you would find in other hair colors (with brunettes, for example, the number of dyed brunettes is way smaller than the number of natural brunettes). Thus, in the case of blondes, the result has been that people’s impression of blondes are being created based on the actions of fake blondes, due to their far larger numbers. Those people are not blondes at all.

  15. @Robert: The vast majority of augmented blondes are not trying to fool anyone. Many of them were blonde children and miss the light they they feel should still be theirs.

    Blondes get more attention. A woman who was lavished with it as a child can miss it as an adult. Putting the blonde “back into” their hair makes them feel and look younger which gets them more attention.

    The women with truly dark hair who choose to go blonde know that they are not fooling anyone since the regrowth begins to show almost immediately. They do it for the drama.

    Changing your haircolor is fun. It gets you lots of attention and allows you to wear other colors of clothing and makeup than you might have had with your natural color.

  16. Is that so Flavius, that “blonde” means natural and blond, without the “E” refers to unnatural? I, for some reason thought it was to differentiate between male and female, just like how “brunette” refers to females, and you would describe a man as having brown hair, not as a brunette. And yes Aura Mae, I couldn’t agree with you more on that point, many people are born blonde, and do change color, just like how many people are born with blue eyes, that soon change color. I was born with white hair and it is actually translucent. I heard that it has been predicted that natural blondes will be extinct in 200 years. ;(

  17. My hair was a lovely light blonde as a kid but by age 14 it had turned a mousey dark blonde/light brown colour that made me look dull. I like blonde and I like brunette but I don’t like in-between. I now get it dyed blonde – not because I believe blonde to be best but simply because blonde is the only colour that I think suits me. And believe me, I have tried just about every colour.

    I don’t think you should rubbish people with dyed blonde hair just because you are fortunate to have kept your colour.

    And I hate blonde stereotypes immensely.

  18. “The bleached blondes generally have bad attitudes as well, and are responsible for giving true blonde women a bad name. Just about every true blonde woman I’ve met does not fit the “dumb promiscuous” image that bleached blondes have created.”

    This is a crude generalisation and not true for many of the people I know.

    I hate all haircolour stereotypes. It’s just a haircolour, whether red, black, brown, blonde, natural or unnatural. It does not determine personality or intelligence.

  19. Okay people. I obviously HAVE NOT BEEN KEEPING UP w/ this whole blond/blonde debate. Thankfully. Having read through some of these acerbic comments.

    For once & for all. I have no issue w. ANYONE dying their hair. It is simply a matter of taste. I do not care if you have blonde, brown, black or blue hair – or NONE AT ALL. If you are happy w/ yourself, that’s all that matters. …Though I do love bald. Mmmm.

    My point in writing this post was simply to address an injustice that I have had to contend w/ lo these many years. People who make blond jokes are ignorant. And by ignorant I mean they are lacking in knowledge, are uninformed or unaware. It was not (for once) my intention to offend anyone.

    I am PRO-BLONDE of course – being blonde – but I also am PRO-HUMAN. I think all people should be accorded respect. I hope we all show each other a bit of that in our comments here.

  20. Okay for all you natural blondes out there. My daughter was born with dark brown hair. When she went through the baby period of her losing her and it growing back it came back BLONDE. She is now 14 and her hair is brown again. Her father insists that she is a natural blonde. Her eyebrowns are BROWN. I was crazy and highlighting her hair from ages 10-12. Figuring her hair would completely break off eventually due to all the chemicals I stopped having her hair highlighted. He offered to have her colored (because she is a NATURAL blonde). WTF is up with that?

  21. i agree with all the stereotypes and jokes and stuff like that but i am a natural blonde and i always get compliments on my hair color. My eye brows are brown however so just because someone has different color eye brows don’t assume they are a bleacher…it’s fucking annoying

  22. I live in Finland where there are more natural blondes than anywhere else in the world. It is so weird how the attitudes towards blondes are so different. I know a lot of people who dye their hair to brunette or even black. Of course people bleach their hair here as well. The blonde genes are so strong in Finnish people that parents with brunette hair are very likely to have children with blond hair. Actually, most of the small children have natural blonde hair in Finland (and in other parts of Northern Europe and Scandinavia)

  23. You people on here are bagging all other haircolours. You should remember that its only a HAIRCOLOUR!!! Big deal!! There are many unattractive natural blondes out there just like there are many unattractive other hair colours as well. A persons face and overall beauty if not determined by a damn haircolour! I have met many beautiful people with many different hair colours. And incidentally, to all you natural blondes out there, its men who are perpetuating the dumb blonde jokes. Not just women. I have heard most of the blonde jokes from men who sit in bawdy circles at work crackin off lewd jokes about blondes. So lay off other women and all learn to get along. No wonder we have world wars!! Sheesh.

  24. I agree that it’s just a hair color. Alt hough, I do hate when people tell blonde jokes. I mean, my best friend is blonde and she’s smarter than me, and it’s not because I’m stupid, actually I’m near the top of my class. I mean, yah, there are a lot of dumb blondes out there, but there are a lot of dumb brunettes, redheads, and blacks (referring to hair color not race), or even dumb balds or rainbow (dyed their hair, say, blue or purple). Back to my best friend, her, her sister, and their mom are all natural blondes and they are some of the smartest people I know. Yes, my friend does get highlights, but she is a natural blonde, she just highlights, because she has natural lowlights that look unaturally dark with her face. Also, my band teacher said that people in the band tend to be smarter (usually because they can handle schoolwork and learning an instrument) and about half of the band was blondes, and they were extremely smart. My friend and her family all play multiple instruments. I’m a brunette, so some people tell blonde jokes to me, thinking I won’t be offended, but sometimes, I’m more offended more than my blonde friends are. I’m not against dying your hair (I never want to), but I hate it when people try to be something they’re not, like when some (other than a natural blonde) dyes their hair blonde and says that they are.

  25. “You people on here are bagging all other haircolours. You should remember that its only a HAIRCOLOUR!!! Big deal!! ”

    True, but what makes natural blondes so attractive are the FEATURES that go along with blonde hair. The skin tone, the facial features, bodily proportions.. there are certain features that only blondes can possess.

  26. I am a natural blonde an i tend to dye my hair because i hate the shade lol its a pale blonde that looks grayish white an then my eyebrows come in gray blonde but then im just strange lol because my beard comes in ginger. An my eyelashes are a golden blonde lol

  27. I am a natural blonde and my eyebrows are naturally a light-medium brown. Never dyed or bleached my hair at all nor done anything to my eyebrows. So yeah, there are naturals that can have darker eyebrows. I know a redhead with brown eyebrows too.

  28. I hate fake blondes because they diminish the specialness of natural ones. As natural blondes we should be regarded as unique yet but we aren’t because there’s so many piss haired women walking around with dark brown eyebrows.

  29. Great article (extremely bias, but still funny) … However, I don’t agree with the eyebrow comment. I was born with pitch black hair that slowly turned blonde in my first year of life. My hair has been naturally blonde ever since (I’m 17). I, to this day have had dark eyebrows. Not black, just dark. I actually really like them with my blonde hair, but I absolutely hate it when people think I dye my hair. Anyways, that was my little opinion, other than that, I found your artile entertaining!

  30. I am a natural golden blonde. I have been taught to hate my hair color. Growing up I heard all of the blonde jokes. I thought that I was not intelligent or capable because that was how I was dealt with. My first encounter was with my first science teacher in 7th grade, he made obvious blonde jokes at my expense. I knew they were directed at me. These events have stunted my growth. However, at the age of 33, I know i am smart, I know I am good at math and science, and this is all irrelevant of the fact that I am a blonde female. I am pursuing a degree in a science field and no blonde joke will ever stop me ( nor will I ever dye my hair again). My theory is now: natural blondes are the smart ones, it’s the bleach jobs that give us a bad name.

    1. I too am 33 and still have light blonde hair and eyebrows. The rest of my family are redheads, strange yes! I love being blonde! I didn’t feel special as a kid but as I got older and my hair stayed so blonde I realised I’m a rare creature. I know women can be beautiful for all sort of reasons and I think that my blondeness is my best feature!
      P.s I am a bit dizzy to be fair but I would be just as gormless with dark hair I’m sure!
      I did get my degree though so not done too bad!
      Blonde and proud!

  31. I don’t ask for pity. I would like to be heard and recognized as an unheard minority. Because the MAJORITY, seemed to be envious of especially ‘blue eyed’ and pretty female blondes. We have been the bearers of many jokes that were not only funny, but extremely hurtful, even painful….. however, unfortunately evolved into real life affairs/ consequences that…. trust me …. were never easy to face. If you were one of those females , especially in the 70’s….. amidst… womens rights.. (evolving still ).. it was extremely difficult not to believe what society was placing upon you. I for one want to be at least heard, and not predjudiced…and called “lucky”… It was and sometimes still is difficult. At least , these days, we are not so much preyed upon.


    The unheard ‘blonde’ minority of past…

  32. I have a friend of mine that I have known for years–since 1983. Back then I knew her as a blonde….then she decided to grow it out and her hair came in extremely dark–even darker then mine was. So she went back to coloring her hair. Well the other night I went out to eat with her and she is claiming because she was a blonde as a young child–she is really a blonde now. Honestly the hair color a person is born–is not necessarily the final color as an adult. They same thing happens to some dogs–as puppies they are one color, as adults it changes to another–you know after they are groomed and such. My friend even tried to compare her hair color to the hair color on her arms… like give me a break… that is just not so. Speaking solely in reference to my friends’ hair color… she is definitely a brunette. Oh, and I recently heard this question from a friend of mine–does the drapes match the rug…? You fake blondes know who you are–I just feel bad for the natural blondes who have to take brunt of all the blonde jokes. I am a brunette…. and very thankful to be one.

  33. I am a blonde 2!!! but i am no normal natural blonde…..i have tents of red, two differnt shade of light blonde and dark blonde all mixed together in large natural waves, plus my hair changes color with the sessones ……. and i have blue eyes. People make fun of me even more than normal blondes…… Not to mentone most fake blondes have the same hair color every day…it dosnt change….. also people who “think” they can make fun of blondes then turn around and die there hair!

  34. I’m so glad you posted. I should have looked for this earlier or years ago. I was born a natural blonde with platinum hair, blue eyes, and beautiful fair skin. I was raised in NJ with all the Italian and Hispanic people who tan easily. People use to ask if I was albino, … I tanned too but not as much. It was a constant struggle. I didn’t know I was beautiful. Always had boyfriends but no self esteem. Recently (I’m 38) my hair has turned a little darker, but it’s still very blonde. I’ve been noticing that there are very few natural blondes AND men seem to now prefer the bleached blonde. I’ve dated men recently who stared at the top of my head like I head horns… made me think I was losing my hair they way they stared. I think they were looking at my roots, shocked that either I dye them right before the date every time or … omg … it actually comes out that way! They almost seem put off like I’m a freak of nature. Btw I live in Las Vegas temporarily so that could explain the caliber of men. I dislike the fact that women with beautiful tan skin and richer coloring can also have blonde hair. Regarding blondes being looked down upon… yes, many quality men seem to actually marry brunettes. I don’t know… but being a natural blonde is definitely a minority and people don’t realize the significance of it. We’re not spoiled or stupid or entitled the way the bleached blondes are… they spend a huge amount of money on their appearance and I think many things about them are fake.

    1. Well I prefer natural blondes to brunettes. I am myself a brunette but I find most brunettes to be shallow compared to natural blondes. Real blondes are just more polite and communicative.

  35. I’m a natural blonde of scandinavian ethnicity and blonde jokes don’t bother me at all. Well, that’s not entirely true… it bothers me a little that people blatantly get away with it when the targeting of other racial characteristics is so taboo, but overall it doesn’t bother me. Why? Because I can take it. Because I know it’s a bunch of BS and it doesn’t cut deeply. Besides, most of the people who make the saying “true” are idiot brunettes who have dyed their hair. On the one hand I just simply don’t believe it applies to me… on the other hand, like I said – I can take it.

  36. Wow, you are so right about the horror that is blonde jokes. It is not okay to make fun of such beautiful people out of jealousy. Its very bad and negative and hope these jokes stop. No blonde should have to dye his or her hair to a darker colour to escape these jokes.

    I am not a natural blonde but completely against dye jobs and fake blondes. I love natural blondes very much in fact and really regret that there are so few in the world. I actually googled “natural blondes” and found your site. I was actually looking for photos of real blondes but most of the pics are of fake blondes. And btw wikipedia is a lot of bull. They give a really biased view on things. Take care!

  37. I’m naturally platinum blonde, blue eyed, and porcelain skinned. People constantly ask me all the time if I bleach my hair or what I do to achieve my level of blonde hair and it just makes me laugh. Because even though my eyebrows and eyelashes are, I kid you not, WHITE, people somehow over look them and think that I’m a bottle blonde. Growing up not only did I get the blonde jokes but also go teased and taunted for being “albino” which I am not. At times, getting tired of the stereotypes and of course how washed out I think I look with the blonde against my fair skin, I think about dying my hair darker. But then I remind myself that true blondes like myself are rare and I naturally have the one thing that many women wish for but are never able to achieve and still maintain the health of, platinum blonde hair. Even my mother, who had my hair color until she had children and her hair turned brown, dyes her hair blonde. Although I am fairly certain that my hair will never change color drastically (proof being in the carpet matching the drapes) these articles make me feel empowered for being a true blonde in this world of bottle blondes.

  38. Im natural strawberry blonde, color between red and blonde with golden orange eyebrow, with pale skin, they ask me why I dont color my eyebrow, who cares of what they say, Im still I am

  39. I think it was Medical Daily that had an article on how blonde women were just as smart if not more intelligent than women with other hair colors 🙂 Blondes can have darker eyebrows though. Some people have hair with various shades

  40. One of our daughters was born with blonde peach fuzz. As she grew older, her blond peach fuzz grew into honest to goodness blonde hair! Somewhere between the ages of 8-9 years of age her hair began to grow darker and darker. Eventually, she ended up with a mix of mostly light brown and just a little bit of blonde.

    When she was five years old, she thought running and jumping on the couch was so much fun. Fun was had until she fell and hit the side of her head on a corner of the coffee table! Her hair never looked as blonde as it did with that red blood gushing onto it!!

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