Weekend w/ Mommy part two

It’s hard to top the March Madness that was Weekend w/ Mommy (part one), but we were willing to try. That’s right everyone, my Mommy is HERE.  IN PHILLY. RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE!!! take THAT, Atlanta.

Saturday night. The Borgata. After the buffet, a decent $5 chardonnay and 2 cloyingly sweet but free white wines, here were the totals.  Me $161.50. NOT TOO SHABBY. John $69. WOOHOO.  My mom: HAD FUN ANYWAY.  And we’ll leave it at that.

Sunday. Peddler’s Village. Brunch @ the Cock n’ Bull. The corn pudding was excellent and the petit fours a dream.  Post meal roundup: Me, Mommy, Maddie & Georgia, ALL OKAY.  John: NOT.  B/c John got food poisoning and spent the car ride home vomiting into a shopping bag.

Afterward, John & I went to the Eagles game. YES MY HUSBAND IS A TROOPER.  And thank Goodness.  B/c the game was AMAZING. Except that this was my view.

And this was John’s.

Yes, that is a security guard sitting on my husband’s lap.

Although my husband put a brave face on things, by the end of the game it had gotten OLD.  When we complained, we were cursed out by the higher-up security guards on the field – the one even threatened to beat the hell out of John.

On a good note, I was not sat upon. And after the game, David Akers threw his wristband to ME! And I also caught Deshawn Jackson’s sweaty towel.  Both of which I immediately put on.  ANd even though everyone around me said EWWWwWWwWwW.   I said AHHHhhHHHHHHhHHHH.

For your Tuesday reading pleasure.

MY MOMMY. I have mentioned her before, b/c she is the reason I am here. WELL this Saturday MY MOMMY is coming for a spontaneous 3-day visit and I just have to say I AM SOOOOO TOTALLY PSYCHED!!!! We have planned a weekend of fun!fun!FUN!! and even if we hadn’t we would have FUN anyway. B/c THAT is how it goes with my mommy. SO this week I am pretty darn busy so I don’t have to do jack when MY MOMMY is in town other than have a rocking fun time, and also I have to CLEAN the house which you know I hate but it is o-kay b/c it is for MY MOMMY>!!

I didn’t want you all to think I wasn’t thinking of YOU TOO, So here is a random list of facts about yours truly. PS: JUST 4 DAYS TILL MOMMY!!!!

1) Right now at our palatial West Philly estate we have 2 adults and 2 kids. We also have 3 cats, 1 dog (@ 150 lbs he counts for several smaller animals), 1 bird, 1 rabbit and 5 fish. Deceased 2007: 1 hamster, 1 bunny, 1 guinea pig, 3 fish. Given away due to crappy personality in 2007: 1 macaw. Forced eviction in 2007: Village of the Damned (aka, our mouse infestation). My older daughter is now BEGGING us for Hammie #2 for her bday (almost here). My husband is FIRM. No more animals. I may have to sneak one in. This weekend we will have an extra adult too b/c MY MOMMY WILL BE HERE!!!! Yay! YAy! YAY!!

2) Yesterday it was 65 degrees here in Philly. Gorgeous. We rode bikes last night to the library. The kids ride in a big plastic hitch attached to my husband’s bike. It looks like this:

Yes, they do look very cute. It is called a Tot Tote but they do not really qualify as Tots. I would not feel very comfortable toting true tots through town to the library b/c I think they might fall out. But that is just me. We had a very nice time.

3) I do not recommend eating high fiber breakfast cereal and Lentils & rice on the same day unless you do not feel like leaving the house.

4) I get lots of hits on this blog for very weird things. Some of the odder search terms this past week:

  1. i fantasize about my cleaner
  2. daily hammie
  3. dank basement cubicle
  4. “asked me out” train
  5. funny dead man in cubicle photos
  6. animal copulating movies (I get a LOT of variations on this)
  7. how to get off with someone for the 1st time
  8. cows heart recipe
  9. making me happy making me whole
  10. groundhog maze

5) I am a Libra and although I do not believe in astrology whatsoever, as a child my mommy had a Baby names book I used to love reading – not sure why. But it had a section in the front or back on “signs” and I was always fascinated by the description of my “sign” b/c it was by far the BEST.

6) My daughter is watching an episode of Tom & Jerry right now and one character just said “Don’t worry, I’ll hold onto you like a fat man to a donut.” Also, he keeps referring to one of the other characters as “Tubby.” I think this is definitely fat-bashing.

7) Last night we sampled a new wine. It was a brand of Japanese plum wine. I have had one before at our favorite sushi place, but the one we had last night was AWFUL. It tasted like alcoholic fruit syrup. Of course I drank it anyway. I will not be recommending it to anyone though. I had a very tough time getting up this morning. I told my husband that our friends were driving our daughter to school, but really we were supposed to. So he was very confused. I stayed in bed. and slept off that terrible plum wine that I do not recommend. to anyone. evr.

8) My daughters & I love this video. HAPPY DAY EVERYONE!!