Weekend w/ Mommy part two

It’s hard to top the March Madness that was Weekend w/ Mommy (part one), but we were willing to try. That’s right everyone, my Mommy is HERE.  IN PHILLY. RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE!!! take THAT, Atlanta.

Saturday night. The Borgata. After the buffet, a decent $5 chardonnay and 2 cloyingly sweet but free white wines, here were the totals.  Me $161.50. NOT TOO SHABBY. John $69. WOOHOO.  My mom: HAD FUN ANYWAY.  And we’ll leave it at that.

Sunday. Peddler’s Village. Brunch @ the Cock n’ Bull. The corn pudding was excellent and the petit fours a dream.  Post meal roundup: Me, Mommy, Maddie & Georgia, ALL OKAY.  John: NOT.  B/c John got food poisoning and spent the car ride home vomiting into a shopping bag.

Afterward, John & I went to the Eagles game. YES MY HUSBAND IS A TROOPER.  And thank Goodness.  B/c the game was AMAZING. Except that this was my view.

And this was John’s.

Yes, that is a security guard sitting on my husband’s lap.

Although my husband put a brave face on things, by the end of the game it had gotten OLD.  When we complained, we were cursed out by the higher-up security guards on the field – the one even threatened to beat the hell out of John.

On a good note, I was not sat upon. And after the game, David Akers threw his wristband to ME! And I also caught Deshawn Jackson’s sweaty towel.  Both of which I immediately put on.  ANd even though everyone around me said EWWWwWWwWwW.   I said AHHHhhHHHHHHhHHHH.

10 thoughts on “Weekend w/ Mommy part two

  1. too bad John didn’t have food poisoning or gas at the game…I bet the security guard would have sat somewhere else! I am sorry he did get sick at all. Hope Mommy dearest is having a good time. Enjoy your sweaty articles of clothing as only you can 🙂 My daughter loves football and would wear that stuff too!

  2. Oh yeah. That guy was definitely doing his best to (and I quote) “Prevent another 9/11.”

    Let me tell you, we were NOT feeling anything except anger. OR in John’s case, discomfort and humiliation. To say people were razzing John about “his little friend” would be putting it mildly. Lap dances were mentioned SEVERAL TIMES.

    My dad has owned those seats since the Linc opened in 2003. This policy was not implemented until recently. Within the past 2 years, and it is used inconsistently. Last year, after my father complained, they stopped doing it altogether. This year (b/c my dad is in Atlanta) it seems to have become some sort of standard policy. My dad will be here for the next game, and it will be VERY INTERESTING to see what happens then. At 6’3″ and nearly 300 lbs. my dad is a BIG MAN. There will be no room for anyone else in that seat. Perhaps they will simply stick the guard in front of John again – in the (now) 2nd seat over. I would not be surprised.

    The bottom line. The Eagles management should be ASHAMED. Not only for instituting and maintaining such a policy, but for the treatment we received when we complained about our discomfort. To receive verbal threats, curses, from security management?? That goes beyond even unprofessional conduct. At one point the guard actually stepped on John. That could in itself be construed as assault. If I were sitting in that seat, it could have been called sexual assault. The whole thing was obscene. And for WHAT? He was not ensuring anyone’s safety. He was impinging on our personal liberties. And directly below us on the field there already stood a handful of police officers and/or guards.

    My father pays thousands of dollars yearly for those seats, and the idea that you have to have another person literally on top of you is ludicrous. We would not be permitted to have a guest come to the game and sit on our lap. Why is it mandated that we have to have a STRANGER do so? If another spectator did what the guard is instructed to do, he or she would be ejected from the game. And yet we are told we have no right to object. It is management’s policy to have someone on top of you, blocking your view, humiliating you, even assaulting you, and you are not even allowed to complain – b/c THEN YOU ARE THREATENED. AND In fact, were there an actual emergency, the presence of that guard in that location would impede and/or prevent safe exit from the stadium for the occupants of the seat/s.

    The guard is instructed to move over to that corner seat at 2 minutes before halftime and 2 minutes before the game end. In the case of this last game vs. the Steelers, those 4 minutes of game time translated to over 30 minutes of ACTUAL time.

    Thank you all for your comments of support. I am not sure how this will be addressed, but we’ll keep you posted.

  3. Poor John. Food poisoning and then that. Dish, you covered all the arguments that I would have made. Such treatment is ridiculous. The least the guard could have done (assuming he was really a guard and not someone sneaking in) would have been to “spread the love” and move around to a different seat each quarter.

    I would have “accidentally” spilled a big soda or beer on the guy.

  4. Thanks for your sympathy, Panny. As pissed as we were, I actually felt sorry for the guard. who was just doing his job. IT’S THE HIGHER-UPS WHO NEED A TALKING TO.

    Mssc54 – Nice try buddy.

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