The difficulty of staying monogamous w/ one’s yogurt.

Weeks ago I posted about becoming a Stonyfield Farm recipe-of-the month winner. I described my fabulous array of yogurt-themed prizes and the honor that is having one’s name on the amazingly wonderful SF Farm website. AND YES it was WONDERFUL. But since that blissful time, things have – well, changed. It’s not ALL ABOUT ME anymore. Of course, Stonyfield is still the same delicious yogurt it’s always been, but somehow I’m just not feeling so special. Yes, I know it inevitably happens once the honeymoon’s over, and Yes, we are still going through the motions, BUT lately when I go to the supermarket, I notice others.

As many of you know, I am a very busy woman. True, I make my life seem oh-so-easy and glamorous, but it is actually a whole lot of WORK. And as part of my routine of convenience and cheapness, it is customary for me to do quite a bit of shopping at BJs warehouse super store. And since I consume such vast amounts of delicious wholesome yogurt, this is a really good thing. I can buy all that yummy nutritious Stonyfield Farm yogurt at LOW LOW Warehouse prices and save enough to go right back and BUY SOME MORE! Unfortunately, I have recently noticed as I’ve said, alternatives brazenly on display right there beside my beautiful Stonyfield. *GASP!* I KNOW. it is more than a little shocking for me to admit I have found myself even LOOKING AT OTHERS, but let’s face it. Once the coupons run out, I am only human.

It has come to my attention that the two yogurts below:

Hereafter referred to as BRAND C and BRAND D for sake of modesty, sell in cases right beside my beloved SF Farm at BJs Warehouse Superstore. They are also attractively packaged, so I admit, I have eyeballed them from time to time. Neither are organic, so they both sell more cheaply. AS they would HAVE TO b/c no one wants to buy the cow when they can get the milk for FREE, right?
No one touches Stonyfield’s undoctored wholesome quality and goodness! But I have recently noticed one undeniable & striking difference between BRAND C and BRAND D and my pure SF Farm. C and D both offer AN EXTRA FLAVOR in their yogurt cases. which unfortunately happens to be my most favoritest yogurt flavor of all. PEACH.

    Oh, say it ain’t so! I wish I could. I really really wish I could. but I would of course be lying. B/c it is true. Peach yogurt is simply the BEST, and there is no denying it. I will now describe to you my dilemma.

    All three brands of yogurt sell in cases of either 12 (Brand C and SF Farm) or 15 (Brand D). SF Farm is the most expensive at $8.89, the others sell for a dollar or two less.

    Brand C offers 12 cups of yogurt: 4 strawberry, 4 blueberry and 4 PEACH.

    Brand D offers 15 cups of yogurt: 5 strawberry, 5 blueberry and 5 PEACH.

    SF Farm offers 12 cups of yogurt: 6 strawberry and 6 blueberry and 0 PEACH.

          In order for you to understand the gravity of this situation, I must disclose the fact that I am one of 57 people living on Planet Earth who does not like (PREPARE YOURSELVES)

          Strawberries. I KNOW. INSANE. But I hate them. Passionately. The only strawberries I have ever even remotely liked were hand-picked in an organic field in Vermont, taken home to our friends picture-perfect log cabin, rinsed in ice cold spring water, sliced thinly and spooned over homemade flapjacks with pure 100% Vermont maple syrup. And even those were just o-kay. So the REAL Figures are as follows:

          Brand C: 4 strawberry, 4 blueberry and 4 PEACH = 8 YOGURTS

          Brand D: 5 strawberry, 5 blueberry and 5 PEACH = 10 YOGURTS

          SF Farm: 6 strawberry and 6 blueberry and 0 PEACH = 6 YOGURTS

          You CAN NOW SEE MY DIFFICULTY. Out of all 3 brands, Stonyfield gives me the worst yogurt return. by far. And although my Beloved Stonyfield Farm Organic is the yummiest most wholesome yogurt on the planet, and undeniably OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS, I am not MADE OF MONEY. I simply cannot continue paying twice for 6 blueberry yogurts. Back when we first got together, me and SF, I would have done anything. Walked across glass or hot coals, or paid four times over. But nowadays, it just seems crazy. Yes, I know that Love is Blind, and Money Cannot Buy Happiness, and STONYFIELD RULES, but… but….But. if only, ONLY THEY INCLUDED PEACH. THEN Everything would be Just Peachy. once again.