General miscellany

So, last night – not surprisingly – we (more like me) watched another movie. Prime with Uma Thurman. I was surprised by how much I liked it – but then again, the story did revolve around a 37 year old woman linking up with a painter 14 years her junior. So.. yep really not much to interest my husband there. But we did have a good laugh about the whole age-difference thing. He is a year older than me – which works just perfectly 🙂 But if we got divorced and I decided to pull an Uma Thurman style coup, at 35 my new boyfriend would be 21!! Virile young stud.  JOKING!!

ANYWAY, I am getting excited for the weekend, because contrary to my movie-watching habits we actually do have plans. Woohoo!


Regina Spektor

Yesterday I had the unbelievable luck of receiving two free tickets to see Regina Spektor. Being so last-minute I couldn’t get a babysitter, so I decided to take my older daughter to see the captivating Russian chanteuse.  All I can say is wow. WOW. Regina is spectacular; her music virtually matchless, like a rare champagne popping in your ears. Her level of talent is awe inspiring, and yet she manages to come across as a very mischievous, insanely witty friend. Maddie really enjoyed the experience as well. We both liked the opening act, Only Son, and we had a fun time just hanging out sharing a bag of twizzlers (which taste surprisingly good with beer). A young woman stopped me in the ladies room as we were leaving and commended me for bringing my daughter. I laughed and thanked her. A sweet ending to a very memorable evening.