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So, last night – not surprisingly – we (more like me) watched another movie. Prime with Uma Thurman. I was surprised by how much I liked it – but then again, the story did revolve around a 37 year old woman linking up with a painter 14 years her junior. So.. yep really not much to interest my husband there. But we did have a good laugh about the whole age-difference thing. He is a year older than me – which works just perfectly 🙂 But if we got divorced and I decided to pull an Uma Thurman style coup, at 35 my new boyfriend would be 21!! Virile young stud.  JOKING!!

ANYWAY, I am getting excited for the weekend, because contrary to my movie-watching habits we actually do have plans. Woohoo!


4 thoughts on “General miscellany

  1. I dunno….I think Demi would go younger, and then do a movie about it.

    I’m dating someone 4 years younger and it’s definitely strange sometimes. I don’t know how anyone could do much more than that. It would be so hard.

  2. SHE DID! Okay, not the movie part, but the difference. Just looked them up on IMDB; Demi just turned 45, Ashton is 29. 16 years ! Though I must say Demi is about as gorgeous as they come – and you know what they say about young guys and older more experienced women…

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