Movies out the wazooo

I’ve watched 9 movies in the past 9 days. [HELP ME!]

  1. About Schmidt – Jack Nicholson was brilliant. Looked him up on IMDB; cannot believe he’s 70 years old.
  2. Rushmore. BEST WRITER/DIRECTOR EVER!!! If Wes Anderson made perfume I think I’d love it.
  3. Duets – I know it was directed by her dad, but I have only one word for this movie: terrible.
  4. Possession – yes I had a Gwyneth Paltrow marathon two nights in a row. This one was much better than the last. Not great, but watchable. I don’t know if it was just predictable or what, but the whole time I kept saying Have I seen this already??
  5. Wild Women of Wongo. We bought a 50 movie Sci-Fi DVD set and this one was too funny to resist. The Tubes wrote a song about it for all you 80s fans.
  6. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (another one from the above set – I fell asleep but my older daughter liked it so much she watched it three times)
  7. Bee Movie – we took the girls to see this one yesterday. (Great job Barry Jerry!)
  8. The Chorus. An amazing, uplifting, totally engaging film.
  9. The Anniversary Party – I rented this one b/c I love Parker Posey, but her character in the film is lame. Still a good watch, made me glad I don’t live in LA and have nothing to do with acting and the film industry. Really disliked the male lead and his hair up in little pony tales made me squeemish. Kevin Kline was great.
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