Playmobil = best toys EVERRRRRR.

Now that Maddie is WILD ABOUT BLOGGING, she’s encouraging me to post! As much as I enjoy blogging, I do have other stuff to do. However since today that “other stuff” means cleaning the house, who am I to argue? Welcome therefore to our *super special* joint post about PLAYMOBIL.

For those of you w/out children, Playmobil are toys. The coolest toys this side o’ paradise. In the past several months my kids have become addicted to all-things-Playmobil, and frankly – who can blame them?

Here are some of my favorites:

Guinea Pig Pen

BunnyLand Farm Set (is there anything cuter than a bunnyman w/ his own DEER??)

Hot Dog Cart Guy (w/ “authentic” weiners!)


Vulture Set w/ lifelike carrion

Months ago I posted about this little discovery for the criminally minded: SAFE CRACKERS.

Any company who goes into this much detail about every facet of life (criminal life included) gets my vote. That’s for sure. I am ALLLLLLL about realism. Even w/ my kids. No Stork Tales at our house, my friends! I haven’t checked, but I’d bet Playmobil’s even put together a true-to-life version of delivery, complete w/ little mommy and baby, placenta and cord. I’M SO THERE.

My daughters spend hours, and I mean hours, perusing the Playmobil site, gazing in wonder at all of their amazing toys, and compiling list after wish list of sets they would like to buy when they earn enough allowance. Daily they ask me, Mommy, how much have I earned so far?? Can I afford such-and-such? To which I reply, I don’t know. I am not sure. Save_your_money.

It’s not that I begrudge them these wonderful toys – b/c they are indeed awesome and make me want to play w/ them as much as my kids. It’s just that their Playmobil obsession just happens to conveniently coincide w/ my current lessons on financial independence. I just instituted weekly “chores” and remuneration for good works. So how am I supposed to drill into my daughters the value of hard work and saving, the importance of managing money well, when all they want to do is spend it as quickly as they earn it??

Oh well. They are young. Life is for fun. And BOY will we have a WHOPPING WORLD OF FUN!!!!! playing w/ all our their new Playmobil sets!!!!! Pssst. Don’t tell them I said so.

Bargain Toys for the Criminally Inclined Child

I just found this on the Kid Surplus website, marked down to $7.69.

Cracking a safe is an art form, and these clever Playmobil Safe Crackers have to move quick if they want to get the stash before the alarm sounds! Lucky for them, their team includes two master technicians with all the tools of the trade and their own personal safe decoder. Set includes two robbers in signature undercover gear (plaid berets, sunglasses, and a leather jacket), plus a large safe, decoder, keys, stacks of money, a bar of gold, and a briefcase. For ages 4 and above.

Yes, you wouldn’t want those 3 year olds getting their hands on this. Not only might they stick one of the itsy bitsy parts in their mouth and choke, but they might not be so clear as to the “right” and “wrong” of aspiring to become a safe cracker. Not like me.