Bargain Toys for the Criminally Inclined Child

I just found this on the Kid Surplus website, marked down to $7.69.

Cracking a safe is an art form, and these clever Playmobil Safe Crackers have to move quick if they want to get the stash before the alarm sounds! Lucky for them, their team includes two master technicians with all the tools of the trade and their own personal safe decoder. Set includes two robbers in signature undercover gear (plaid berets, sunglasses, and a leather jacket), plus a large safe, decoder, keys, stacks of money, a bar of gold, and a briefcase. For ages 4 and above.

Yes, you wouldn’t want those 3 year olds getting their hands on this. Not only might they stick one of the itsy bitsy parts in their mouth and choke, but they might not be so clear as to the “right” and “wrong” of aspiring to become a safe cracker. Not like me.

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