Sip A Bowl – where have you BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!

When I was a kid, I liked to eat ice cream.  I liked to eat it in front of the TV sometimes, watching the Flintstones or Bugs Bunny.  I would devour the scoops & jimmies first, and when I was done I would lick the bowl clean like an animal.  It was fun, but it always left my face a little dirty.  And for those of us w/out any couth at all (like my sister) it was more of a full contact sport.

The other night my younger daughter announced that she needed a can of yellow waxed beans for school the next day.  Not that you care, but her class was making soup.  So I checked in the cabinet, and of course we have black, garbanzo, pinto, kidney and green – but NO yellow waxed.  My husband hustled off to Shaws and returned shortly w/ the aforementioned beans, plus the two most SPECTACULAR BOWLS I had ever seen.

BEHOLD!!  The Sip-a-Bowl.

sip a bowl

straw bowl

My daughter may appear skeptical but I assure you, one use & she was HOOKED.  This sip-a-bowl is amazing!  No more liquidy mess all over my leather couch.  No nasty sticky glop on the coffee table. Fewer brown stains on the tee shirts.  Hooray!  Next up: cereal w/ milk.  Yogurt w/ whipped cream.  Applesauce.  Cream of soup.  Whatever else we can puree and suck down w/ a straw.  Somebody – quick! SEND MORE BOWLS!!!