Sip A Bowl – where have you BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!

When I was a kid, I liked to eat ice cream.  I liked to eat it in front of the TV sometimes, watching the Flintstones or Bugs Bunny.  I would devour the scoops & jimmies first, and when I was done I would lick the bowl clean like an animal.  It was fun, but it always left my face a little dirty.  And for those of us w/out any couth at all (like my sister) it was more of a full contact sport.

The other night my younger daughter announced that she needed a can of yellow waxed beans for school the next day.  Not that you care, but her class was making soup.  So I checked in the cabinet, and of course we have black, garbanzo, pinto, kidney and green – but NO yellow waxed.  My husband hustled off to Shaws and returned shortly w/ the aforementioned beans, plus the two most SPECTACULAR BOWLS I had ever seen.

BEHOLD!!  The Sip-a-Bowl.

sip a bowl

straw bowl

My daughter may appear skeptical but I assure you, one use & she was HOOKED.  This sip-a-bowl is amazing!  No more liquidy mess all over my leather couch.  No nasty sticky glop on the coffee table. Fewer brown stains on the tee shirts.  Hooray!  Next up: cereal w/ milk.  Yogurt w/ whipped cream.  Applesauce.  Cream of soup.  Whatever else we can puree and suck down w/ a straw.  Somebody – quick! SEND MORE BOWLS!!!

16 thoughts on “Sip A Bowl – where have you BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!

  1. Those bowls look super, definately a must-have for all of us who scrape the bottom of a bowl. They SHOULD be easier for anyone to find, rather than having to drive to Shaws in Portland. I’ll look here and, if not here, will tell the service desk at my local market to get some for their purchasing public. On another note, I drove into ‘town’ last night, driving past the house on purpose. It was wonderful to see the house high on the hill greeting all passers-by. Lights on in those windows, seeing the book shelves full just made the house/now a home again just beam with warmth. My heart peacefully sings. Kate

  2. Wait…Did you mean that I don’t have any couth? Is this some obvious reference to my less than stellar eating habits as a young child??

  3. Hey Kate! Hope you can get a bowl – these things are great! If your local grocery won’t stock them, try online. (Just google sip a bowl) There seem to be a lot of sellers. PS: Next time you’re in Portland, stop by — John would love to meet you! xo

    S.Le – I agree w/ Hayden – although my kids love these, they’re great for kids of ALL ages!

    Sue I am so sorry(!!) if I offended you/ truly, it was intended only as an (albeit lame) inside joke. Your current eating habits are PRISTINE and you should NOT be judged by your formerly slovenly ways.

    LISTEN UP WORLD! although my sister may have lived in stained tee shirts as a child, she is now one of the cleanest, most spic n span and beautifully gorgeous individuals EVER. She would NEVER EVER lick a bowl clean. AT least not when I am looking. And if any of you even THINK BAD THOUGHTS about her (or me) I will be forced to take action. I am not saying what – I will just leave you guessing.

    Sue my sincere apologies again. Feel free to call later and yell at me. But please, PLEASE don’t make me wear taffeta.

    Your dearest and only sister, who would never ever intentionally hurt you ever.

    Curly, they are JIMMIES. Not sprinkles. And just b/c the Yankees won, doesn’t make them any less loathsome to the majority of the country. Chant now while you have your chance. PS: even wordpress dislikes your comments – they threw you in w/ the SPAM. AHHAHAHHAHAHHHHH!!

  4. dear suzanne,

    congrats on your recent engagement! i know your sister is so happy for you! just wanted to let you know that she confided in me that she has a deep longing to wear a frothy, tafeta confection at your wedding–preferably something with lots of crinoline, petticoats, a giant hat, and parasol. i think she also mentioned something about wishing the dress was lemon yellow or cotton candy pink. I’m just doing my part to help with sisterly relations! think of me as a UN peacekeeper. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh…Curly…Thank YOU SO MUCH!! I was unsure of what to put her in, but now….it sounds perfect. Sort of like a bad 1920’s musical with the singing and parasol twirling. I just can’t decide if her color is pink(pepto bismolish), yellow, or sea foam green. Thanks for the advice, and the good wishes!

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