Welcome to our next project!

Re-tiling the upstairs bath.  A before shot:

upstairs hall bath

Not bad, huh?  Unfortunately, the 50s asbestos tile is falling into serious disrepair, particularly adjacent the tub.  The bath mat hides an awful lot.

bath mat masking ISSUES

beneath the mat the floor is falling apart

Several of the tiles are cracking and the bathroom sub-floor is beginning to rot.  My husband & I don’t want to risk more serious issues arising (like stepping out of the tub and falling through to the first floor vestibule).  Although we have a lot going on, this floor is getting worse by the day and cannot be put off any longer.  Lucky for us, we have already done the downstairs bath w/ mosaic tile, an inaugural project which was much more involved.  This bathroom should be a breeze by comparison.  (Famous last words.)

We only have the one tub, so we need to get this project done QUICKLY.  In our favor: It’s cold now, so we have a few days before we all start to smell.  Against us: we are going to need to bathe by next week.  Bottom line: We’re going to have to PUSH this project over the weekend.  Today’s agenda?  Removing the old tile.  And, once my husband returns from his day job, replacing the floor if necessary, and laying the backer board.  We’ve selected 12 inch black & white ceramic tile to replace what’s currently there.  Stay tuned for progress reports.  Wish us luck!

17 thoughts on “Welcome to our next project!

  1. Good Luck! Good Luck! You’ll be fine and splishing about and smelling sweetly in no time at all! That is a lovely light bathroom! Love it!
    Asbestos? Don’t you have to get specialists in to remove that?
    Am I being thick again?

  2. You do indeed need new tile. I’ll wager the sub-floor will need replacing as well. I hope not. Black and white will look lovely. I really heart the wee red chair. Too cute.

    … oh, and LUCK!

  3. Luck!!! You could always heat water and take baths in the keeping room LOL there is bound to be an old tub basin somewhere lurking around that house!

  4. Oh, such a pretty little bathroom. But yeah, you do need new floor. We had that problem, only it went all the way through, and we turned it into a laundry room and then made a little bedroom in to a new bathroom and i LOVE my new, big tub; I could totally live in there.

  5. I’m hoping you guys can finally soak in the bath tub, at least take a shower to get the dust and grit off. Did you ask the neighbors if you could shower at their house? Your work on the bathrooms is terrific, just inspiring. When I stopped by on Sunday, Georgia cerainly wanted to work with the ‘flooor paste.’ If her talent of ‘anything-is-possible’ ingenuity is mirroed in Maddy, your girls will have amazing science projects/displays. Just wonderful. Tell Madison that my sister Liza was a voracious reader, getting under the bedcovers at night to read by flashlight when my folks had said, “Lights out.” She ended up needing glasses early. You and John remind me of my folks working on one project and discovering others, that needed their attention. Your AM planning times are necessary for prioritizing jobs. Thank goodness you two are handy. The house is lovong your attention to its drafty walls/windows. You might even find drafts through some outlets, although Dad did plug up wherever/whenever he realized great heat loss. But Dad and his skills/energies have been gone a long time. Mom made-do and dressed in layers, even long underwear as her moving around lessened, producing less body warmth. It is impractical for you to take the time to explore your way to my house 45 minutes away from you. Mail the stuff back to me, and when I’m back in-town I’ll visit. You have my phone #; don’t feel you’re imposing to ask questions. If you come out this way, call ahead to see if I’ll be home. Bill is usually home since he is retired. Generally, I’m the busy one. If you call, leave a message with your phone #. Have a great day. I welcome your wanting to know your new home, neighborhood, greater city, and state. There’s so much to learn along with the girls and their lessons. You and John are strong and solid; that’s what your kids have over many other kids- consistancy, consistancy, consistancy in this uncertain world. Kate

  6. Don’t worry a bit about stepping out of the tub and going through the floor. If the floor gets that bad you will likely be sitting IN the tub when it makes it’s journey down under! Sorta like a ride at Disney World.

  7. No update from Christy… either you are enjoying your new bathroom so much that you have no time to post… or you are still working on it!! I hope it’s the former!

  8. While walking this early morning in Maine’s very low 30’s temps, I remembered that water to the outside faucets need to be shut off pretty soon. Here in Maine, because the temperatures can get quite below freezing for so-o-o long, we homeowners cut off water going to the outside faucets BECAUSE pipes break from expanding ice in the pipes on outside walls. To avoid costly repair, we open the faucet so that water is flowing, then come into the cellar to find the faucet turn-off on the pipe nearest that particular outdoor faucet. We keep open the outdoor faucet so the air will dry the pipe leading to the outdoor air. The street side outdoor faucet should be already set but I would check it if I were you. The pipes under the kitchen sink should be alright as they already have styrofoam placed there between the pipes and outside wall. Upstairs, there’s nothing to worry about as far as freezing pipes go. The bathrooms all over have pipes placed on interior walls. Hope you’re managably better. Kate

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