Welcome to our next project!

Re-tiling the upstairs bath.  A before shot:

upstairs hall bath

Not bad, huh?  Unfortunately, the 50s asbestos tile is falling into serious disrepair, particularly adjacent the tub.  The bath mat hides an awful lot.

bath mat masking ISSUES

beneath the mat the floor is falling apart

Several of the tiles are cracking and the bathroom sub-floor is beginning to rot.  My husband & I don’t want to risk more serious issues arising (like stepping out of the tub and falling through to the first floor vestibule).  Although we have a lot going on, this floor is getting worse by the day and cannot be put off any longer.  Lucky for us, we have already done the downstairs bath w/ mosaic tile, an inaugural project which was much more involved.  This bathroom should be a breeze by comparison.  (Famous last words.)

We only have the one tub, so we need to get this project done QUICKLY.  In our favor: It’s cold now, so we have a few days before we all start to smell.  Against us: we are going to need to bathe by next week.  Bottom line: We’re going to have to PUSH this project over the weekend.  Today’s agenda?  Removing the old tile.  And, once my husband returns from his day job, replacing the floor if necessary, and laying the backer board.  We’ve selected 12 inch black & white ceramic tile to replace what’s currently there.  Stay tuned for progress reports.  Wish us luck!