Summertime Clothes


Sweet summer night and I’m stripped to my sheets
Forehead is leaking, my AC squeaks
And a voice from the clock says, “You’re not gonna get tired”
My bed is a pool and the walls are on fire
Soak my head in the sink for a while
Chills on my neck and it makes me smile but
My bones have to move and my skin’s gotta breathe
You pick up the phone and I’m so relieved
You slide down your stairs to the heated street
And the sun has left us with slippery feet
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you
And be here with you, we’re going…

It doesn’t really matter, I’ll go where you feel
Hunt for the breeze, get a midnight meal
I point in the windows, you point out the parks
Rip off your sleeves and I’ll ditch my socks
We’ll dance to the songs from the cars as they pass
Weave through the cardboard, smell that trash
Walking around in our summertime clothes
Nowhere to go, well our bodies glow
And we’ll greet the dawn in its morning blues
With purple yawn, you’ll be sleeping soon
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you

When the sun goes down, we’ll go out again
Don’t cool off, I like your walk..

Let’s leave the sound of the heat for the sound of the rain
It’s easy to sleep when it wets my brain
It covers my rest with a saccharine sheen
Kissing the wind through my window screen
The restlessness causes that I cannot hide
So much on my mind that it spills outside
Do you want to go stroll down the financial street?
Our clothes might get soaked, but the buildings sleep
And there’s no one pushing for a place
Meander at an easy pace
And I want to walk around with you
And I want to walk around with you
I want to walk around with you
Just you, just you, just you.

too damn hot

This free-flowing post will have to suffice until the weather cools significantly here in Philadelphia. My office is an oven and my brain is boiling from the heat. We spent an armpit of a weekend suffering with temps in the mid-to-high 90s. Today is even hotter and tomorrow promises the same. As wonderful as the West Philly palatial estate is – and you know it is – our house has not been retrofitted w/ anything resembling central air. 100 years ago they were still working on indoor plumbing. Circa 2008 we have 2 window units, which we reserve for emergencies. LIKE NOW.

Anyway. we had a very good weekend, apart from the heat stroke. Saturday was *Family Fun Day* for my older daughter’s school. So we braved the temps along w/ the rest, and Yes it was hot as hell. Just walking from the car to the grounds of the Swedish Historical Museum left me sweating like a pig. By the time we sat down inside the fence and starting eating, I was ready to call for life support. The poor caterers! Slaving over open flames grilling burgers, dogs & chicken for hours. I don’t know how they managed it. I manned the “spin art” table for an hour and by the end the front of my shirt was soaked through. Standing in the sun watching the hypnotic swirl of the machine while the children argued over who had gone more than once was more than enough family fun for one day. So by 4 pm it was so long suckas. and home to the SUPERRRRR SSSSSLIDEEE!!! Which revived me enough to write its beautifully glorious name in all caps. For those of you who have not partaken of the wonder that is the super slide, I feel terribly sad for you. B/c the SUPER SLIDE is the BEST.

THIS, my friends, is The Sun Searcher 2007. We purchased said slide last year from BJs warehouse super store. When my husband first told me he was going to buy it, I truly thought him insane. $249.99 for a FREAKING SLIDE??!! ARE YOU CRAZY??! BUT, once I partook of the magic that is the Sun Searcher 2007, I knew he was indeed the most magnificently intelligent person on the face of the planet. Thank you honey. YOU WERE RIGHT.