too damn hot

This free-flowing post will have to suffice until the weather cools significantly here in Philadelphia. My office is an oven and my brain is boiling from the heat. We spent an armpit of a weekend suffering with temps in the mid-to-high 90s. Today is even hotter and tomorrow promises the same. As wonderful as the West Philly palatial estate is – and you know it is – our house has not been retrofitted w/ anything resembling central air. 100 years ago they were still working on indoor plumbing. Circa 2008 we have 2 window units, which we reserve for emergencies. LIKE NOW.

Anyway. we had a very good weekend, apart from the heat stroke. Saturday was *Family Fun Day* for my older daughter’s school. So we braved the temps along w/ the rest, and Yes it was hot as hell. Just walking from the car to the grounds of the Swedish Historical Museum left me sweating like a pig. By the time we sat down inside the fence and starting eating, I was ready to call for life support. The poor caterers! Slaving over open flames grilling burgers, dogs & chicken for hours. I don’t know how they managed it. I manned the “spin art” table for an hour and by the end the front of my shirt was soaked through. Standing in the sun watching the hypnotic swirl of the machine while the children argued over who had gone more than once was more than enough family fun for one day. So by 4 pm it was so long suckas. and home to the SUPERRRRR SSSSSLIDEEE!!! Which revived me enough to write its beautifully glorious name in all caps. For those of you who have not partaken of the wonder that is the super slide, I feel terribly sad for you. B/c the SUPER SLIDE is the BEST.

THIS, my friends, is The Sun Searcher 2007. We purchased said slide last year from BJs warehouse super store. When my husband first told me he was going to buy it, I truly thought him insane. $249.99 for a FREAKING SLIDE??!! ARE YOU CRAZY??! BUT, once I partook of the magic that is the Sun Searcher 2007, I knew he was indeed the most magnificently intelligent person on the face of the planet. Thank you honey. YOU WERE RIGHT.

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  1. I don’t think that slide could handle me, but it definitely looks like tons of fun for the little ones. Looks way cooler than any Slip and Slide you might have found at my house as a kid. Oh to be young again. 😉

  2. Does it have water at the bottom? Could you put water at the bottom? Does it have water pumping down it? What makes you slide? Does it have a weight limit? Can you go down it in a train formation? Is is like a water bed but you down’t sleep on it and slide down it instead?
    Judging by the interest you have evoked I think its fair to say that it was worth every penny and that’s before I even go down it!
    Talking about evoking things… how about the image… sweating like a pig. :o) Lovely! :o)
    No package yet? :o( I wonder if it’s lost… feeling lonely down the back of a cabinet somewhere.

  3. HAHAH Spidey – no seriously, John & I – as well as several of our adult-sized neighbors – have been on this thing and it hasn’t popped yet. It’s pretty darn sturdy. Made out of that space age polymer they use for moon bounces. I call it WAAAAAAAAAY FUN.

    HEY DAFF! YES, it collects water in the bottom. Click HERE for more pix – including one of my extremely pale bony feet. If THAT doesn’t get you clicking, what will??

    The SUPER SLIDDDEEE has a mechanism at the top for squirting water out on your head and casting it down the slide shoot contraption. So the lucky user slides on a nice cooling sheet of water, pulled down by a combination of slippery-ness and gravity. One’s weight also influences the speed w/ which one falls. So I go ZZZZOOOOOOOM and the kids just go ZOOOOOM. The suggested weight limit is 200 lbs. WOOHOOO. We assume this is per person and not combined. Either way, it has been exceeded on pretty much every occasion.
    We have tried train formation but have outlawed it due to boo-boos. Also banned are the “Two-fer” slide as well as the “jumper”. ANd I could not agree more, The Sun Searcher 2007 is indeed worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY of its whopping $249.99 price tag. I kid you not. PS: NO PACKAGE YET. Do not lose hope. One time it took me 6 months to get a CD from the UK. I am a patient woman.

  4. i’ll be over at 11am. you best make some brunch. i’m DYING of heatstroke over here. it’s hideous. my plans to go to nyc are thwarted yet again. i’ll just hide in my house and fear the garbage can zombie.

  5. Okay Curl – you head on over. I am about to get off the computer for the rest of eternity b/c my hands are about to melt into the keyboard. We will be out back. You just let yourself down the alley. Max may sniff you but he won’t bite unless you scream. Can’t be any worse than the plastic-eating creatures you are accustomed to. We will see you soon. Bring watermelon. Love, me.

  6. I saw the pics! Nice feet lady! and I couldn’t help noticing two hotdogs… I wouldn’t eat the one whose tongue is hanging out!.
    I only place I can remember where the temps where up in the hundreds was a t Crete about 5 years ago! I was melting but at least I was close to the sea/pool.
    Oh one more thing….
    John get the slidey thing out for the girls before you go to work! :o)

  7. I want one! And I think I qualify since I live in South West Florida and we have 2 seasons – hot and wet, and hot and dry. We used to use a wading pool to cool off enough to sleep – I seriously considered just sleeping in the pool itself. But now we broke down and got window units for A/C. Have fun!

  8. No air conditioning, no flippin way in SC, the humidity is killer. Egad! Tracie! How could you stand Florida before your window units? I am sooo cranky when I get unbearably hot. I am a central air kinda girl. I highly recommend frozen drinks 🙂 I told my friend in Jacksonville that I wouldn’t be seein her until February!

  9. I can’t find a recipe posted since 5/26/08.
    What’s up? I absolutely depend on your site
    for most all of my low sodium faves!

  10. Honestly, 90-95+ degrees isn’t all too bad. What really sucks is doing that after doing stock in the deep-freeze. Spending like 30 minutes in 0-(-25) then hopping outside SUCKSSS. You go to warm up in the fridges.

    Oh, by the by, I use to work in a kitchen where walk-in deep-freezes, fridges, and the like were pretty common.

  11. Thanks Daff! Fortunately, the heat wave has broken and today is absolutely GORGEOUS. Hooray!!

    Hayden, you ROCK. And you know you are way invited to come use the SUPA SLIDE anytime you make it up to Philly.

    Thanks Tracie! And I second Connie — HOW DID YOU SURVIVE?? Florida is HOT. Like HADES. You must be a trooper w/a capital TEE.

    Connie, we did the frozen drinks w/ friends last night. Verrrrry fun. Though my brain felt slightly fuzzy this morn..

    Cyndy – THANK YOU. Please see today’s NEW post. I truly welcome your comments.

    Nate, I remember one summer I spent working in the kitchen of a restaurant downtown. 95 freaking degrees w/ regularity, no AC in the tiny hell-hot kitchen. We had like one paltry fan. It was ungodly. I would wear my chef’s jacket w/ cutoffs. It was the only way I could cope.

  12. I grew up in Florida and was always outside (where honestly it was cooler!). My mom didn’t even let me have a fan – I remember sometimes at night stripping everything off and curling up on the floor to sleep. Once I got married we had fans EVERYWHERE. (To blow the hot air around). I tell you, I grew up knowing where every body of water was and submerging a lot, like a hippopotamus. That or climbing tall trees. Now that I have you all sobbing, I better quit. At least I didn’t have to walk barefoot in the snow uphill both ways, in those good old days. Honestly, I’d take heat over cold ANY DAY!!

  13. That slide looks AWESOME!!
    I imagine it has an electric/battery-powered air pump? Otherwise… man oh man, that would take some serious lungs!

  14. Hey Laura! You’re back! YES it has an electric motor which inflates the thing in mere seconds. I get winded blowing up a balloon, let alone the SUPERRR SLIDDEEE!! Throw in 90+ degree temps and it’d be an ER visit for sure. PS: Thanks for the Dr. Quakenbush newsletter! Another friend suggested the same thing, but I’ve yet to test it out. Not guinea pig enough I guess..

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