Happy Feet.

Today I am going to address a topic near and dear to my ankles. My feet. Perhaps the most under-appreciated set of appendages on my body. These guys are simply terrific. And deserving of more than a little praise now and again. I don’t know about you, but nothing feels better than having my feet rubbed. Just thinking about it is making me drool. My poor husband would rub them this instant I am sure, but he is hard at work right now, trying to finish up his last paper of his very last semester of graduate school, and that is just a little more important. So for now I will simply massage them with my words.

My feet are not small and dainty like those you see in magazines. No. They are large and skinny and canoe-esque. They are a size 10. That is the biggest “normal” women’s size. I say “normal” in parens b/c I know I will be getting 300 hits on this post and it will surely inspire blood-thirsty debate among foot people, the same way my blonde posts have taken on a life of their own. But I digress. My feet are big. And I for one am glad. My sister is 6 ft. tall and wears a size 8. You can imagine the teetering taking place there. Here, no problem. I am 2 inches shorter and my jumbo feet keep me planted firmly to the ground. Of course, I also got cursed w/ Meniere’s Disease. But I guess the Big Guy knew what he was doing. Giving me the big feet. NOT A SMALL THING when you suffer from Meniere’s Disease. I like being steady. I Love my big feet.

My toes are all long too. They are so long my sister calls them “finger toes.” I do not use my feet as hands, but it is comforting to know I have back-ups. Perhaps (just for fun) I could learn to play the piano w/ them. My second toe is also longer than my first. I have heard this is called Morton’s Toe. I did not know that the Greeks felt this was the coolest, most attractive and ideal thing ever on a foot. Mostly I thought it was a little weird. My mom’s feet look almost exactly identical, except they are 26 years older. It is really cool knowing what my feet will look like in 26 years. She takes really nice care of her feet. Routine pedicures. Tons of nice shoes. BUT – now brace yourselves – she crams them into HIGH HEELS every day for WORK. YOUCH! Those poor feet. I remember when I worked in an office and had to wear pumps every day. SUCKFEST. The foot equivalent of wearing those painted-on pants Olivia Newton John wears in the last scene of Grease, when she & John Travolta are shaking in that carnival ride. ALL SHOW. Except pointier, and more blister inducing.

Since my feet are always there for me, I like to be there for them. And since I am home full-time, I no longer wear high heels w/ regularity. Me & the feet like comfy shoes. In the summer I favor Birkenstocks. YES I know people call them Jesus sandals. But if they were good enough for JESUS, you can damn well bet they’re good enough for me. I also love Converse all stars. They are simply the best sneakers ever made. I guess you could say I really go for flat shoes. The flatter the better. At 5 ft 10 — more heel and I am towering above the population like an Amazon woman. Which is actually kind of fun. But not for long, since those high heels make my big feet ACHE. In winter I wear my Ugg boots. I have 3 pairs and they all look like crap. They are so beaten up. But there simply is no greater boot. Why no one thought of bringing these to my attention 20 yrs ago, I will never know. My feet get crazy cold in winter. No matter what I do, they feel like two ice slabs at the bottom of a lake. BUT NOT IN MY UGGS! AHHH, toasty.

I never ever EVERRRRR paint my fingernails. Well, okay – on occasion, but hardly ever. But I always like keeping my toenails bright and shiny w/ polish. Two days ago I gave them a nice paint job. Two coats of 10-day chip resistant splendor in #49 Steady Ready pink. Why anyone would call a rose-colored hue Steady Ready I do not know, but I like it. It gives me an added layer of protection and cuteness when my toes are wearing it. I like to be Steady, and now I am Ready. Thank you Sally Hanson, wherever you are.

So let’s give these unsung heroes their due. We all praise the heck out of marathon runners, nurses, teachers, lunch ladies, dog walkers, postal carriers, and everyone else who is on their feet all day. OH WAIT – We DON’T?? WELL THEN. Let’s give it up for them too. ALL those people on their feet everyday, working hard to make each of our lives better. And ALL THOSE HARDWORKING FEET! Where would we be w/out them?

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  1. 5’10 blonde and beautiful, (B****) HAHA who cares if you have “big feet” πŸ™‚ I keep my toenails polished ALWAYS keep fingernails short and naked! I however have problem feet. Plantar Fasciitis and cracked heels. They hurt constantly:( Birkenstocks, baby all summer long! Danskos in the winter (it is to hot for boots in SC) Have you ever looked at feet that have been bound to be incredibly tiny? UGH that must hurt like crazy!

  2. A great feet story. I’m taking mine out to lunch, setting them on the table and telling them how much I appreciate them in front of everyone.

  3. i just removed my toe polish yesterday in preparation for a pedi later today. for the last 3 weeks my toes were polished ‘Russian Navy’, a sassy shade of navy blue by opi. i lurve that color. on my fingers, i always wear a pale pinky clear type of color. boring but neat and clean.

    and as for th birks…we call ’em jerusalem cruisers over here. hahaha.

    i’m a converse, ballet flat, and flip-flop type of girl. (in all weather) i don’t wear heels unless they are platforms or espadrilles.

    i have a pair of black converse high top that date back to 1989. i don’t wear them anymore, but they are the one thing i can’t bear to part with…and so i have them saved in a box. sad, i know.

  4. “They are a size 10.”

    Yes, I wear a size 10W and have NEVER been self-conscious about my feet. Why?

    When I was a wee one in gymnastics, my teacher made some offhand remark about how perfect my feet were for balance. It wasn’t until I was older that I put two and two together to equal “large feet”.

    But I never feel bad about my feet. Those babies provide me with incredible control and balance for dancing. Besides, they just balance out my rack, HA!

  5. I found myself laughing at the β€œfinger toes” thing. I have skinny little feet with long toes too, and you’re so right on with the comment about playing piano with them. I believe that we actually could play some damn good piano.

    My best girlfriend is 5’ 10- 5’ 11ish” and wears size 10 shoes. I would occasionally get this slight twinge of jealousy when we shoe shopped together as she never had trouble getting the shoe she wanted in her size. I am 5’ 9” and wear and 8.5 or 9 (depending on toe pinching of course) and I find that the 8s and 9s seem to be out of stock more often- especially when the shoe in question is only one I like, AND it happens to go perfectly with the outfit I just bought, AND by the way I need them by tomorrow.

    I’m a flip flop girl myself. Although I just read some article that wearing flip flops all the time changes your stride and is not good for your feet or lower legs. Ah well. Viva la Feet!

  6. I stand on my feet all day! I proudly wear my flip flops on the weekend with chipped nasty nail polish because I’m too lazy by the weekend to paint the suckers! I have long, narrow feet with long toes and my sister has little tiny cute feet with short toes.

  7. Ummmm….I just read a whole post about feet. Weird. I knew a girl once with totally flat feet and 6 toes on each. My feet can’t breathe in shoes, are large, wide with high insteps and i can walk on ANYTHING and I can pick things up with my toes. By the way, for Plantar Fasciitis, the best thing I’ve found is to sit at the table and put a tennis ball under the ball of your bare foot and roll it back and forth fairly hard. Do it every day and it really, really helps.

  8. I’m just wondering why the last recipe presented was on May 26, 2008? I love your
    recipes and use them daily! Thank you!

  9. My second toe is also longer than my big toe and my Mom’s feet are identical to mine. CRAZY! Being on your feet all day (13 hours) as a nurse does suck, but it is possible with the right shoes. Thanks for the applause!

  10. I just read my comment and it sounded snarky but I was just joking. I forgot to say that what was weird was how interesting I found it!

  11. I haven’t had toenail polish on my toes for 5 years! You think your feet are big for your size?? I’m only 5′ 4.5″ and my feet are 9 and a halfs!! Long and skinny, like my hands! I think you are the only woman I’ve ever met who has longer hands than me (and even that I’m not sure about– we might be about the same).

    We are in Michigan this week. I haven’t been updating my blog or following others lately, I suck!

  12. WOW. What a spectacular show of support for FEET! Thanks guys. My tootsies are feeling the love.

    Spidey – somehow I just KNEW that was coming. Could it have been my spidey sense??

    Lovely Connie, I am a never-nude on my toenails as well, and a forever-nude on my fingertips. I too keep my fingernails very short. I find it totally impractical otherwise. I can’t imagine having long nails, they just get in the way. Especially when I cook, garden, mother, etc!

    Howdy Mr. Jones! Welcome. Thanks for your supportive comment – I will have to check your site. Always interested in getting another painter’s perspective. Hope you stay tuned.

    YO! Curly babe – I also like interesting nail polish. Last year I was all about green and purple, though we have all the shades of the rainbow here. My daughters like mixing things up. And do not feel bad about those converse. Keep them for posterity. You’ll probably be able to sell them when you are 80 and retire on the proceeds. Well, one can dream anyway..

    Hayden, if only I had kept them for you. 2 years ago I bought the dreamiest sandals – accidentally in a 10W. Lost the receipt, you know how it goes.. They sat in their box in the closet till recently, when I finally gave them away. IF ONLY I”D KEPT THEM. Rats. They would have been perfect for you, slip-ons in black with a tiny white flower at the toe. Next time, I promise.

    OrSO, I know EXACTLY what you mean. The good thing about 10s is they’re almost always in stock. 8s, 9s, always gone. My sister has the same problem. Oh well. Score one for the Big Foot. PS: Let me know if you find a good piano toe teacher, maybe we can work out a two-fer. πŸ˜‰

    Hi Michelle! WELCOME! Any daughter of Connie’s is a daughter of mine. Don’t sweat the chipped nail polish — I was sporting that all weekend and no one cares. They’re all too busy worrying about whatever issue they have to think twice about us. YAY! PS: My sister has the cute short feet & short toes too. Oh well. Love the one(s) you’re w/.

    Hey Tracie! Yes, it’s FEET GLORIOUS FEET 24/7 here @ The Dish. Hahahahahah. No, I didn’t think you were being snarky – I actually thought your comment was quite helpful. Hopefully Connie will get some relief for her aching dogs. Hey Connie – you let us know how that tip works out, k?

    Hi Cyndy! Great to hear from another Daily Dish supporter. You are the 2nd person in 24 hrs to email about my lack of updates. On Memorial Day I made the decision to suspend all further posts – mostly for the sake of my sanity and pocketbook. I am of course already missing it badly. But for the summer at least I will not be updating the site. I will have both daughters home full-time in less than 2 weeks, and there’s simply no way I can do it all. Come September, I will likely resume daily updates, but until then, please continue using the site as is. The Recipe Index has hundreds of delicious dishes to chose from. I am glad you’re enjoying the site so much and appreciate your continued support.

    Howdy lady B! You are so welcome. You nurses deserve ALLLLLLLLL the acclaim. Keep up the good work!

    Laura – hope you guys are having a grand time w/ the family! Yes, we are big handers. The better for palming a basketball I suppose. I was amazed last year when we had our CSA picnic out in Lancaster. The hands of the Amish were AMAZING. Truly worth scientific study. Enormous, wide, perfectly formed farm hands. It was wonderful. ANYWAY, Love ya babe – wishing you safe travels home. xo

  13. I like feet but both of my children can’t stand them.
    When I was little my mum used to tuck her feet under my (then) shapely bottom as we curled up on the sofa, to keep them warm. I have the same habbit but can I get them anywhere near my kids bums to get warmed? Not a chance… they are off ‘oooohing’ and ‘errrrrring’ squeeling words like ‘feet’ ‘ugly”stinky’.
    (Kids can be cruel)
    I do appreciate them, although I am forever in trouble for not drying properly between my toes. That is the closest I will ever get to being anything close to an athlete…. Athletes Foot.
    There! that’ll put you off your tea!
    I do think toes look nice with a splash of colour! :o)

  14. I read your comment on bflat’s blog Lens Impressions. I agree the D80 is a good camera. I shoot a D40X which is a step down from that model and it is amazing.

    In terms of lenses, yes technically any lens can fit any camera. And with a pin converter most can work.

    bflat and I haven’t decided what to do about all of that. I’m planing on going to the D200 before too long here, and so she might get my d40x. We’ll see.

  15. Hey Nate! YES, I cannot tell a lie. The D80 is the best camera EVER – next of course to the D200 which I cannot afford and would add to my Stuff I would like to have list were it not just a smidgen expensive. Good luck to you & B with your quest. She’ll love having your hand-me-downs I am sure!!

    CONNIE – YOU’RE BACK! YAY!! Good luck w/ the balls. tee-hee.

  16. I am a UK Size 11/12. I wasn’t proud of my foot size when I was young, however as I have gotten older I have learnt to appreciate them more. Why? Because it complements my overall built. I also have a blog called http://www.mylovelybigfeetblog.com; it gives daily updates on where to buy fashionable large size shoes around the globe.

  17. Dishy, is it ok if I don’t clean the bathroom tonight… I’m soooo tired and you never know… the bathroom fairies might come while I’m sleeping…
    Maddie – this is a great idea!

  18. Uh huh. If Madison hadn’t written the silly things here, I wouldn’t have seen this older post (it’s from “before my time” and I haven’t gone back and read all the archives, although I probably should get around to it) and been inspired to write a footy post of my own.

    No, it isn’t written yet, but I’ll do it soon.

    By the way, Dish, I enjoyed your post very much and everyone’s comments here.


    BOY Daff, you are just TOO FUNNY!! Maddie will be proud to have inspired such posting. Feel free to ask me all your pertinent questions – think of me as your Blogging Magic 8 Ball.

    Panny Babe – I cannot BELIEVE you haven’t gone through all 166 posts yet. And I thought we were FRIENDS… WAHHHHHH!!!

    My feet, however, are verrrry pleased that you read and enjoyed THEIR post. And now they are bragging to all their friends about it. My socks and shoes are getting WAY JEALOUS.

  20. heya.

    just ready your amazing blog about your feet.

    i totally agree, feet are seriously underated.

    me and my girlfriend love feet, but often get misunderstood for having foot fetish’s. or being wierdos!

    and it just isn’t the case! If feet are properly looked after, well cared for and made up to look pretty, some feet can look quite beautiful!

    some people like abs, boobs bum etc… we like feet!

    we love taking care of our feets as they take care of us!

    but yeah absolutly loved your blog. we massage each others feet quite often, and get pedicures etc. even use them in the bedroom sometimes!

    but we definitly are not wierdos! dont go round smelling dirty feet or robbing shoes or anything!

    your feet do sound big, but bigger the better! they probably give you better posture and help you get around better anyway πŸ™‚

    we love our friend Jennies feet, and she knows, luckerly she doesnt think we are wierd and shows them off to the world when she can, its a great thing. πŸ™‚

    more foot blogs please!!!! Sama nd Sonia x

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